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In January 2015, the Pound Sterling to Euro exchange rate rose to about €1.30 for £1. This was good news for anyone who wanted to use sterling to buy products in the Eurozone; now you could definitely get more bang for your buck, or pound, rather. It’s still some way from the heady early days of the euro, when the exchange rate was something like €1.7 to £1, but, according to PoundSterling Live, the current exchange rate is the best in six years if you want to buy euros. This advantage doesn’t just apply to British visitors to the Costa del

Money is sexy, so why is the financial services product sector often considered a poor relation (in the world of marketing) of the glamorous products, such as cars, couture and cutting edge technology that we all need the cold hard cash to buy? Rather than take the traditional attitude to finance, Peppermint takes a fresh approach to its financial service clients and promises to bring ‘on trend’ marketing tools to corporate identity and brand strategy. Marketing Financial Services and ‘On Trend’ Design At Peppermint we’re passionate about our financial services clients and we believe that the world of finance doesn’t need to

Recently Peppermint Spain had the opportunity to use its marketing, graphic design, copywriting and printing expertise to promote a client’s exclusive holiday retreat. Ezzahra, in the exclusive Palmeraie district of Marrakech, is certainly not an average holiday rental villa and the owners wanted to go beyond the marketing techniques that had been used to date, to bring this extraordinarily beautiful property to a wider audience. Villa Ezzahra has its own website, which provides excellent information, plus reviews from the world’s top magazines, including Vanity Fair, Tatler, Country Life and Harper’s Bazaar among the easily recognisable publications. These titles give you

At Peppermint Spain we wanted to find something different to kick off this exciting new year with and we were immediately drawn to a headline from one of our social media channels LinkedIn that announced Big Ideas 2015. We’ve already brought you some of the reviews of what was big during 2014 and the social media predictions for 2015, so let’s have a look at what some of the business world’s movers and shakers think will be the innovation, social cause or shift in thinking that defines the year to come. 1. More companies will fire customers This idea has cropped up several

At Peppermint we pride ourselves in being one of the prime web design agencies in Marbella and on providing our clients with sparkling websites that reflect current web design trends. Whether our clients are in Spain, Gibraltar or the UK, we take great care to make sure a website stands out online and that it supports an online marketing strategy. We also supply website copy for a many of our clients’ websites: this ensures that the visual impact and the language have a coherent emotional impact. Our design team keep a close eye on graphic design and web design trends,

Sitting in southern Spain, on the beautiful Costa del Sol, we wondered what kind of ‘stocking filler’ we could give our readers this Christmas. Then we realised that one topic we haven’t touched on much is Twitter. Plus we’d just read the news that Instagram has knocked Twitter off the social media top spot, so it seemed like a good opportunity for a bit of Twitter TLC. There’s no doubt that Twitter skills are pretty different to the ones we use on Facebook: short and attention grabbing tweets are not always easy to compose and you certainly can’t do things like

What makes you read a blog post or anything for that matter? Writers would love to think that it’s the attention-grabbing headline, but really it’s the picture that every reader looks at first, and if that’s enticing enough, then your blog is more likely to be read. It’s sad, I know, for writers who have spent time crafting stunning content, but you need a compelling graphic to make sure readers get to that amazingness. If you get the right combination of image and text, it’s like a one-two knockout punch. So here are a few tips to make sure your graphics

It’s standard for a business website – whether B2B or B2C - to ask its customers to subscribe to a newsletter. Gathering customers via a subscription to news is still a great way to engage with them and keep them loyal. However, you should really take advantage of this engagement by inviting them to also follow you on social media channels. This maximises customer loyalty and allows you to communicate with them in a range of different ways. It also minimises the chances of your news being lost. How might your message get lost? Well, let’s say a customer has subscribed to

We all know that marketing loves its buzzwords. But, as David Ogilvy, one of the world’s greatest ad men once said: “Our business is infested with idiots who try to impress by using pretentious jargon.” Some of us might pretend we’re above the use of jargon, but few of us can truthfully claim to never having used one of the many buzzwords that are uttered around the corridors of advertising agencies and marketing departments. Here are a five terms that Peppermint thinks the marketing dictionary should junk in 2015. Agile – we haven’t actually heard this one used by marketers on the

The stats for content strategies show that the majority of content marketers haven’t adopted the concept of making a strategy plan. Here are some top tips for creating a content strategy for 2015. 1. First, what should your content strategy cover? • A strong and consistent presence across the main social media networks • A blog with a regular publishing schedule • Content that covers topics of interest to your customers/clients • Measurement tools so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Don’t forget to present this as a clearly written plan for the team using it. Only 35% of B2B content