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Fresh Thinking About Financial Services

Money is sexy, so why is the financial services product sector often considered a poor relation (in the world of marketing) of the glamorous products, such as cars, couture and cutting edge technology that we all need the cold hard cash to buy? Rather than take the traditional attitude to finance, Peppermint takes a fresh approach to its financial service clients and promises to bring ‘on trend’ marketing tools to corporate identity and brand strategy.

Marketing Financial Services and ‘On Trend’ Design

At Peppermint we’re passionate about our financial services clients and we believe that the world of finance doesn’t need to confine its marketing messages to old-fashioned fonts and unmemorable imagery. We believe that we can create a strong brand identity across all marketing products, from brochures, pitch books and fact sheets to blogs and social media pages that will attract investors, and clearly state that our client is a trustworthy and respected organisation. Because we know that trust is vital in the finance sector.

Creating Clear Financial Messaging

Peppermint’s experience in the financial services sector has taught us that it can be difficult to get people excited about finance, and that with being so highly regulated, it can seem confusing, and even scary, to our clients’ potential customers. We are practised at explaining the benefits of financial products and constructing brand strategies with consistent messaging that gives comfort to potential investors.

Making Your Brand Stand Out

We also know that because the financial services market is pretty full of companies, customers can find it difficult to distinguish one brand from another. Peppermint specialises in creating a ‘stand out from the crowd’ identity for its financial clients. When you’re our client, we’ll give you an image that is instantly recognisable as being yours, and not one of your competitors.

Creative Content Marketing for Financial Services

Creating interesting content for your website is now an essential part of digital marketing. We know that smaller companies often can’t justify the cost of hiring a dedicated person to do this, which is where Peppermint can help. We can be your content marketing department and design a strategy that will add value to your digital marketing efforts at a considerably lower cost than having your own content marketing person. Just look at these examples of creative content marketing by some of the top financial brands, and consider that you could provide your clients with attention-grabbing blogs and news feeds, Facebook followers and a Twitter account — with help from Peppermint.
You can see from our portfolio examples here that we do walk our talk. We can also offer our UK clients a highly competitive rate while providing the same quality of work you would expect from a UK-based marketing agency. We also work with clients in other countries, and know that we can offer North American and other English-speaking countries a cost effective service that includes European know-how.

Contact Jade Thompson at info@peppermintcreate.com or call her on +34 951 316 553 for a chat about how Peppermint can refresh your brand.