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Promoting a Prime Property

Recently Peppermint Spain had the opportunity to use its marketing, graphic design, copywriting and printing expertise to promote a client’s exclusive holiday retreat. Ezzahra, in the exclusive Palmeraie district of Marrakech, is certainly not an average holiday rental villa and the owners wanted to go beyond the marketing techniques that had been used to date, to bring this extraordinarily beautiful property to a wider audience.

Villa Ezzahra has its own website, which provides excellent information, plus reviews from the world’s top magazines, including Vanity Fair, Tatler, Country Life and Harper’s Bazaar among the easily recognisable publications. These titles give you an exact idea of the audience this villa caters for, so any promotional tools needed to be at the same high level of quality as the clients who would want such an upmarket holiday residence.

Peppermint’s client specifically wanted a selection of promotional materials, including a new business card and a stylish brochure, for distribution at a high-end travel fair. The client was looking for a fresh approach to brochure presentation, and Peppermint helped them select a bespoke USB stick with ‘Ezzahra’ in an oriental-themed font engraved on a wood cover to create the effect of a holding a Moroccan artefact. We loaded the finished brochure on to the USB sticks – a task our design intern from London made light work of. It’s much easier to slip a USB stick in your pocket or handbag than carry a bulky brochure around. And, it was certainly less expensive to transport USB sticks from Spain to the travel fair in Morocco, compared to transporting boxes of brochures.

We also designed a series of postcard-style flyers with inspirational quotes that potential clients could also easily tuck in a pocket, a bag, or even inside a book. We made sure each one had all the essential information anyone could need to get in touch with the Ezzahra’s management.

The client was delighted with the end result and they know that the standard of work and client care they received at Peppermint Spain was equal to, if not more personal, than the work they might have received from a larger UK agency.

If you have a luxury property you’d like to promote as an upmarket holiday rental, whether you want additional material to send to prospective clients, or you want to promote the property at a luxury travel event, or have it profiled in a magazine such as The Tatler, contact Jade Thompson, Managing Director of Peppermint on +34 951 316 553 or email jade@peppermintcreate.com