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Unless you’re brand new to SEO, there’s a good chance that you might of heard about Google EAT already. Having been around since 2014, it’s slowly become one of the most important elements of SEO. However, it’s also one of the most confusing elements – even for the experts! So, what is EAT and why should you consider it as part of your SEO strategy? Let’s find out! EAT stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust – the three very important factors that Google considers when measuring how much trust it should place in a brand or website. Google wants to provide

When you first start your business, your focus is to bring your first customers in, getting the word out about what you do and earning your good reputation within your community and industry. Things start off well, word of mouth is a fantastic tool, but what happens when the leads run dry? Is your business doing enough to generate a steady supply of customers? Is there something that can be done? Digital Marketing is something that many businesses tend to overlook, mostly due to a lack of time. It can be too confusing or time-consuming, so we put it on the

Helpful = Better. At least, that's what Google has declared when it launched its self-named Helpful Content Update this past August with roll-out happening as we speak. The goal, as always, is Google's never-ending quest to provide the best possible experience to its users with the most relevant information every time a Google search takes place. How are they intending to accomplish that with this algorithm update, you ask? Well as always, Google is pretty (read: extremely) hush-hush about the specifics of their trade secret algorithm and update processes, but also quite forthcoming about what you can do to make sure

Google is upping their game again by cracking down on websites that have too many pop-ups, firing warning shots to website owners to let them know that their website can't be properly read by Google's systems which can (let's face it: will), lead to lower search rankings. Have you gotten one of these notices through your Google account yourself or scared you might? Now's the time to address the issue so your SEO plan and marketing budget doesn't suffer unnecessarily. Intrusive Interstitials Officially called “intrusive interstitials” by Google, we all know them as pop-ups. Specifically popups that significantly cover other content on

You can find anything online. Literally anything. So when it comes to making your brand, your business, your products and services to stand out from the competition, quality digital marketing is a legitimate game changer. And when it comes to quality digital marketing, content is king. Human content, that is. Because according to the all-powerful Google, kings are not AI. That's right. As popular as they are becoming these days and as great as they claim to be at boosting your SEO, AI-generated content is easily spotted by Google's algorithms and just as easily ignored. That means that not only

Blogs are great for SEO: they help your business get seen, stay relevant, and build trust with current clients, potential customers, influencers, Google, and the entirety of the world at large. Seriously. They really are that good (and that important). It goes without saying then, that blogging should most definitely be a part of your digital marketing strategy -and they should most definitely be taken seriously too. After all, 52% of B2C marketers say that blogs are the most effective way of promoting their business and 86% say that blogs are the most popular type of content they produce. That

Ready to up your social media game? Good. Social media, just like all of digital marketing, is skyrocketing into the future of marketing and revamping your strategy for engagement can not only draw in and retain more customers, it can, if done right, really boost your organic growth -and that, my friends, if how you bring in more profit while simultaneously lowering your marketing costs. Too good to be true? Nope, not really. It's all about focusing your attention on creative, engaging content and taking advantage of what social media was designed to do: be social. Forget, for now, the technicalities

Building your brand is centred on building trust. And what better way to do that than with great reviews from customers and clients who can share their experiences first hand? But getting those all-important positive reviews -not to mention managing all the potentially false, inaccurate, or  misleading ones that are on the rise, can be a confusing task for those unfamiliar with it and a time-consuming one for busy business owners. But it needn't be. With some extra preparation and on-going marketing management, you can easily build your brand and your profits simply by properly managing your online reviews. Nine out

We knew it was coming, but in February 2022 it officially arrives: Google's latest page experience update will roll out, which means your digital marketing strategy will need to adjust itself accordingly so that your business can continue to reap the advantages of our new digital era, and grow bigger, better and more profitable than ever. Now we've known for a while that this update was in the works (Google's pretty good about announcing up-coming algorithm changes), and Peppermint's SEO gurus were already preparing for it with our blog published way back in June, but we also know that technical details,