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Social Media Marketing

Working on your social media in Spain (or across the world!) should be a focal point of your modern marketing strategy. When businesses say they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube, they aren’t there because it’s trendy; they’re there because it provides them with the perfect space to build a customer community.

Your business can meet a lot of people in the social media world:

Peppermint Create Marbella Spain Facebook


over 2.989 billion

monthly active


Peppermint Create Marbella Spain Instagram


over 1.628 billion

monthly active


Peppermint Create Marbella Spain Twitter


over 368 million

monthly active


Peppermint Create Marbella Spain LinkeIn


over 900 million

monthly active


Peppermint Create Marbella Spain YouTube


over 2.1 billion 

monthly active


Peppermint Create Marbella Spain Pinterest


over 463 million

monthly active


Source: Statista 2019

Social media is a bit like a cocktail party with brands and customers as guests. They mingle and network, and exchange information.

It allows you to talk to your clients in a more chatty way and really show off your brand identity. The possibilities of communication between brand and consumer have changed completely with social media.

  • It gives you a better reach than traditional advertising media
  • You can target your audience – and most of them log in daily

You can also:

  • Talk to your customers – and they can talk to you
  • Increase customer loyalty by showing them your brand’s ‘personality’

However, as all great hosts and hostesses know; making a party work and connecting the right people with each other requires certain skills and knowledge. The same is true of social media. It’s time consuming getting a social media strategy just right – so let the Peppermint social media experts handle it for you.

Social Media Management

Our social media agency in Spain can help you make the most out of your social media by building your community, brand recognition and lead generation. Our social media management service includes:


  • Creation of a social media strategy and plan
  • Crafting of content plans
  • Researching of content, trending hashtags and supporting images/videos/animations that will interest and engage followers
  • Design and artwork of corporate graphics/animations/videos to promote your brand or business
  • Management of your social media accounts on a monthly basis (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube etc)
  • Month reports to show insights and results


Prices are dependent on a number of factors such as number of social media platforms, number of languages, business objectives etc. Please contact us and we will provide a bespoke quote for your business.

Social Media Training

If you’re a small business and can’t afford an agency to manage your social media, or you have an in-house social media team but want to learn more about how you to make the most of social media marketing, we can provide training courses for social media in Marbella. Each course is adapted to your level of knowledge, industry, and objectives. Sessions we cover include:

Social media – the basics

Understanding social media and best practices

Social media advertising

How to create, implement and manage targeted paid social media campaigns

Engaging content

How to produce engaging content (image, animation and video based)