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A few weeks ago, we promised to bring you some more end of year review style articles. It then occurred to us that it would be much more helpful to look ahead to 2015 now, rather than look back over our shoulders at what has already happened. Sure, we can all learn from what we’ve done, but we expect you know what those lessons are yourselves. According to marketing blogger Lizetta Staplefoote posting on visual.ly there are five major trends we should be paying attention to in 2015. The first is: • Micro-targeting The crux of this is knowing your customer inside out.

Traditionally people come to Marbella for the sun and its glamorous image. The hotels and beaches of the Costa del Sol have drawn international celebrities for decades and, as Pancho Campo pointed out at the presentation Peppermint Spain attended recently, Marbella has better weather than Cannes and St. Tropez, those other iconic destinations of the jet set. Marbella should be on a par with these French towns and now there are signs that it has figured out how to get there. One of the answers to establishing Marbella’s reputation as a five star destination is – food. Michelin Guide 2015 Food has

There’s a definite buzz around Marbella at the moment. Over the last few months we’ve been cautiously celebrating what we see as a ‘Marbella revival’ and there has definitely been an upswing in demand for our marketing and graphic design services at Peppermint Spain. In recent years, marketing Marbella was a little more challenging than in the past, often due to negative press in the overseas media that sent potential visitors and investors scuttling off to other countries. Happily, those days seem to be past and Marbella has once again reclaimed its status as Spain’s glamour destination and a place

Do you have trouble finding the right graphics to illustrate your blog? At the end of Peppermint Spain’s previous blog “Top 10 Tips For A Successful Blog,” top tip No. 10 was to accompany your blog with “attention-grabbing graphics”. Because we’re a design and marketing agency we have our own in-house graphic designers who create stunning work for our clients, but it is not economically efficient for us to use these professionals to create blog graphics, at least not when there is a free tool available that anyone can use. Peppermint Spain discovered it after mentioning to a fellow blogger

Everyone tells you that you must have a blog, right? But reaching and retaining the audience for your blog is rather more challenging than setting one up. So, why do some bloggers command audiences of thousands while others, who may be equally well written, have just a few followers? We discovered some useful tips through social media strategist Rebekah Radice, to add to our own insights into the world of blogging. 1. Understand your purpose – why are you blogging, how does it serve your company and your marketing strategy? 2. Commit to your blog – decide how often you can post

As we move towards the end of the year—it’s hard to believe it’s nearly Christmas as the sun is still shining down on Peppermint Spain and few of us have graduated to putting a duvet back on the bed -- it is time for marketing agencies and numerous experts to start reviewing what has been going on during 2014. What is new in graphic design, which style of website is trending and what’s going on with social media? One of the first annual reviews to appear in Peppermint’s mailbox is Newscred’s 56 Reasons Why Content Marketing Works. We have looked at

Do you remember a time when this symbol # meant ‘number’? It wasn’t even widely used in UK English and I recall seeing “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 on Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” album and wondering what the ‘#’ was. It’s been lurking around on phone keypads for some time, again with little reason to use it, but suddenly, this oddball symbol from outer fringes of ‘Symboldom’ has become the most important social media tool bar none. According to Costa del Sol social media expert Fiona Catchpowle, who is also known as #AskCyberGran, the hashtag “represents an important social

Peppermint Design and Marketing is little more than a stone’s throw from San Pedro’s tunnel and park project. In fact, the entrance to the tunnel is not far from our office door in Guadalmina. Since the tunnel opened last year, we’ve been watching the developments over ground with great interest. Now San Pedro’s new park and boulevard is almost ready for a launch event. The park offers so many exciting opportunities for residents. There’s an outdoor concert auditorium, which the Marbella mayor, Angela Muñoz, announced will “facilitate the scheduling of shows for young people, ‘fiestas’ and cultural events.” It is evident

One of the biggest problems a content curator faces and anyone working with social media is keeping in touch with what the hot topics are on the Internet right now. Everyone in social media knows that when you post about a trending topic, you’re more likely to likes, shares, retweets, favourites, pins and everything else you hope social media and its faithful fans will do for you. Social media buffs know it isn’t easy to drive people to your site, or to get people to engage with posts. As we know, it is often a bit hit-and-miss and there are often

At Peppermint Design and Marketing Agency we love Newscred. These guys do a great job of keeping us up-to-date in Spain with what’s happening in the digital media and marketing world. This week we spotted a typically ‘on trend’ story that looks at the job of a content curator and gets the views of a few digital media experts about what qualities a person needs for the post. Content curator is a pretty new job description and it opens up a world of opportunities for professionals with a specific set of skills. Some companies have made the decision to split the