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Want to grow your business and your profit this year? Who doesn't, right? Let's make it happen! Bare with us on this one and start with a little visualization: No matter what your business does, no matter what your business sells, no matter how big or small your business is, envision it as a tiny plant just beginning to sprout out of the dirt in a small clay flowerpot. Can you see it? Now, what does it need to get bigger, better, and stronger? Careful nurturing of the roots, right? See where we're going with this? Yup, that's right: to

By now, whether you love them or hate them, you've probably noticed that hashtags are a part of our online lives now. And that goes double for businesses or brands looking to keep or boost their online presence But what exactly are these seemingly-random snippets of words or phrases that are popping up everywhere online and (perhaps more importantly) how can you use them to your business's advantage? Technically, hashtags are the combined word or phrase that follows the # symbol (called a hash sign in the UK or pound sign in the USA) in an online text that lets users

Content marketing calls for blogging as an essential way to boost your SEO ranking on Google and other online search engines, but should your blogging strategy also include writing and accepting guest blogs? Once considered a controversial topic amongst marketing experts, the results are in and clearly show that yes, you should. Provided that you do it correctly. Guest blogging, both as a writer and a host, is a fantastic way to increase the breadth and depth of your online audiences as well as potentially boost social media reach, engagement, and more. It's also an ideal way to increase your

Blogs are everywhere and they are everywhere for a reason: In short, when done right, blogs are great for business because they: ✔ Give voice and authenticity to products and brands, ✔ Provide a great means of communication to, from, and amongst customers and potential customers, ✔ Build SEO into your website to increase and improve your online presence.   But how do you have a great blog that accomplishes all three? If you’ve already got a blog started and just aren’t seeing the response to it you had hoped or anticipated, here are our top tips to get it turned around and back on