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In the first part of this blog topic about how to get more click-throughs for your social media posts and blogs we looked at the typical social media experience and the basic rules for constructing a headline that draws your clients/customers in to read more and engage with your posts. Engagement essentially means taking some form of action, whether it is reading more, liking, sharing or retweeting. The aim of your headline is to get people to click on your link. Different channels have different needs. You can write a lot more on Facebook and Google+ than on Twitter. On

Social media is all about engaging people. Many people who use social media seem to believe that it’s about the number of followers that you have, and certainly it’s quite intimidating to go to a Twitter profile and note that the business or individual has 63,000 followers and only follows about 63 people. However, business users are becoming more aware that it’s not enough to have a large following; your followers who for “one time only” engage with your site by clicking “Follow” or “Like” and then do nothing more. We’ve all done that! Most of us have pages in

Peppermint Spain is a full service advertising and marketing agency in Marbella on the Costa del Sol and one of the services we offer clients is web design. We’ve got a hotshot web design team, SEO experts, programmers and content providers. We like to keep abreast of trends in web design so that we can provide our clients with creative concepts that keep their website fresh and on trend. One of the latest creative trends in web design that we’ve noticed is what the industry calls “immersive web design.” If you’re wondering what that might mean, it refers to the fact

Having a Google+ business page has joined the list of required social media channels. However, many business users are mystified about how to use Google+ effectively and what techniques are needed to attract more followers to their Google+ page. Peppermint, with some help from social media Queen Kim Garst and respected information source Social Media Examiner, have compiled a Top 5 Tips for a Google+ business page strategy. Because Google+ has had some social media producers scratching their heads, many business users started off with this new social media channel by taking a “post it and let’s see,” approach. Unfortunately, this doesn’t

Entrepreneur.com is one of Peppermint’s trusted sources for keeping up to date with what’s trending. It’s a reliable provider of eye-catching content and it invites a bunch of experts to share their insights with its readers. So, when a link to an article about the secrets of making your web copy ‘pop’ dropped in the mailbox, we thought it would be worth reading and sharing with our clients. Rebecca Rubin, founder of The Pursuit of Fabulous shares her insights into making your website copy sparkle like an entertaining dinner guest. As she points out, you don’t want your content to be

The “content is King” phrase has been buzzing around the cyber sphere for some time. Sometimes when you repeat something too often it begins to have a hollow ring to it and according to recent research by heavyweight research company Forrester, content marketing is no longer effective. Indeed, The Wall Street Journal, announced the death of content marketing. But is it too early to start writing content marketing’s obituary, or do businesses and marketers just need to lift their game plan? According to Amber van Natten at Newscred, experts on content marketing, the problem is not that content marketing has passed

Until recently, there was a general perception that blogging was something people did for a hobby. Yes, apparently there were a few people who’d manage to monetise their blogs and become one of the ‘blogging rich’, but in general, blogs were people sharing their cupcake recipes, their travel photographs, their freelance business or their opinions about the world. In 2014, the perception of blogs has changed somewhat; at least it has for businesses, which are now rushing to get blog content up faster than wallpaper. The reason is that SEO has become focused on original content thanks to Google’s cute Panda

It is almost impossible to define the modern women and slot her into neat categories. Nevertheless, advertisers are still doing it and as a result, the female audience has stopped listening to a lot of advertisers’ messages, according to research by JWT London. The survey titled “The New Female Tribes,” reveals that 70% of women feel alienated by the bulk of advertising because it continues to stereotype them into categories such as “busy working mum” or the “singleton,” and characterise both as being submissive roles. Head of Planning at JWT London, Rachel Pashley, comments that terms like “busy working mum” are

The famous dancer and choreographer, Joaquin Cortes, has chosen Marbella to open his new production. After travelling around the United States and Latin America, Joaquin Cortes has returned to his roots to unveil his newest and most personal performance: “Gitano”. A little history Joaquin Cortes, who was born in Cordoba, went to live in Madrid at a young age, and by the age of twelve he was starting his first dance lessons. Just two years later, he had already joined the National Ballet in Spain. Since then, he has been traveling and performing at some of the greatest theatres around the world,

Sometimes interns complain and moan that they have to do the “dirty work!” In order to learn about an industry, interns need to start by doing the smaller, seemingly less important tasks in order to understand the detail that is vital for delivering the bigger projects. Personally, I believe internships are always a positive asset to our lives as students. After being through a few internships, here are what I believe are the five main benefits of being an intern: Decide if you are choosing the right career Interning in any company, whether it is big or small, allows us to experience that