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SEO Experts in Marbella, Spain

Looking to boost traffic to your site and attract more buyers to your business? Let our SEO and digital experts take the reins, engaging your audience and increasing your online presence.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency Marbella

SEO – short for search engine optimisation – is a way to grow your online presence so your site shows up in search results organically. There are tons of methods to do this, such as by optimising content with targeted keywords that relate to what you’re offering. This’ll help search engines pair you with the people looking for your products or services, bumping you up the ranks for relevant searches.

SEO blends content and technical strategies, and our team of Google search marketing experts use both to achieve the best results. In broad terms, it can be split into two main areas:

1. Onsite SEO

This is anything that we do on your website to optimise it, such as creating titles, meta tags, and meta data that are full of those all-important keywords. We can also create regular, fresh content, site maps, and internal links to help boost your SEO.

1. Offsite SEO

When we take actions away from your site to boost SEO, we call this off-site. This can involve anything from back links to social media sharing, and our team will look at which off-site methods will work best for your brand to create an offsite strategy.

SEO is a long-term solution that takes time, especially if you’ve got tons of competitors.

But, with regular work from our SEO experts located here in Marbella, Spain, we’ll increase your visibility and drive the people who need you straight to your site. As your brand becomes bigger, you’ll start needing less and less SEO as search engines start pushing you up their results by themselves. It may not be a quick-fix, but the pay-off makes it more than worth it.


SEO website audit

This includes an in depth website review to assess the current status of your site with recommendations for any work to be carried out to get your website in the required state for ongoing SEO work. This includes a full analysis of all meta data, content, inbound and outbound links, site map and navigation, responsiveness, speed and security.

SEO set up

Once we have all the findings from the SEO audit, we’ll start implementing it. We’ll analyse your keyword use, update meta tags, titles, and descriptions, and make sure you have keyword-rich content. Our SEO experts will also optimise your images, create an internal linking plan, and update your Google My Business page for local SEO.

Ongoing SEO

To make sure you keep rising through those results and cash in the benefits of SEO, we’ll carry out ongoing work, including:

  • Adding content in the form of blog articles to get the site to become an ‘authority’ and therefore appear for more keyword searches
  • Internal and external linking
  • Google My Business optimization
  • XML sitemap submissions
  • Regular review and analysis of Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Monthly reporting

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, covers the ground SEO ignores, including paid traffic from search engines. Essentially, it’s a fast-track solution to getting your website noticed.

Google Adwords

As paid search experts in Spain, Peppermint can help you with all of your PPC needs. PPC, also known as pay-per-click, is when you put money into getting your site to the top of the search results, usually as ads. To make sure you spend your budget wisely, our Google AdWords experts will help you target your campaigns to keyword searches and locations, helping the right people find you. We’ll also carefully monitor how many clicks you get vs. how many convertible leads, making sure your investment is always worth it.


Alongside the work of our PPC experts, we also carry out retargeting, helping remind bounced traffic of your name. By using Javascript code, you can follow your audience across the web with banners showing your product, service, or offer. It’s a powerful branding and conversion tool that works best in a complete digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

We’re in an age of digital content lovers, from the Instagram scrollers to the blog readers, and your brand can take huge advantage of this. By creating relevant, high-quality content and sharing it to your users, you’ll help build brand recognition without spending big bucks and become a leader in your industry. It combines a ton of different digital marketing methods, like SEO, social media marketing, and PPC, which is why it works so well.

The key to content marketing is knowing your audience and ensuring your content is relevant, engaging and educational. Once you’ve got the content down, you can share it across social media platforms for maximum exposure.


A website that doesn’t frequently update its content is a static brochure – and search engines don’t like that. Google’s bots like sites that update regularly with original, well-informed content, which is why blogs are beyond amazing for SEO and essential for that top spot on search engines.

They’re actually the most natural way to optimise your website for search engines. A blog brings traffic to your website – and you can encourage that traffic via your social media – and builds connections with your audience.

As part of our digital marketing services we offer professional blog writing services written by top-quality copywriters. We’ll make sure you’re given informative, original, and entertaining content that’s optimised for SEO and can push you up the ranks.

Email Marketing

It’s not just millennials using email. In fact, most people use email daily and check their inbox everywhere: while eating lunch, working out, in a taxi or on the beach! This means that by starting to use email marketing, you can reach your audience no matter where they are, all while keeping costs low and customer experience high.

The key is to create impactful and engaging emails that provide value to your customers. The more value you provide, the more they look forward to hearing from you, increasing brand loyalty and repeat business.

Email marketing services:
  • Design of e-shots and emailers (templates or bespoke)
  • Setting up of marketing automation platforms
  • Building and managing of company databases
  • Email campaign evaluation

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the biggest digital hits since the world wide web, and as social media experts in Spain we know exactly how you can use it to market your brand. We can help you take advantage of the more intimate feel to this platform, create engaging content, and gain valuable customer insight to help you improve your brand.

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