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Google is upping their game again by cracking down on websites that have too many pop-ups, firing warning shots to website owners to let them know that their website can't be properly read by Google's systems which can (let's face it: will), lead to lower search rankings. Have you gotten one of these notices through your Google account yourself or scared you might? Now's the time to address the issue so your SEO plan and marketing budget doesn't suffer unnecessarily. Intrusive Interstitials Officially called “intrusive interstitials” by Google, we all know them as pop-ups. Specifically popups that significantly cover other content on

How Does Colour Reflect Your Personality What's your favourite colour? Ever wondered why? Love red? You're probably bold and passionate, a lover of adventure, perhaps a bit impulsive, and maybe even perceived as intimidating. Drawn to orange? We bet you're playful, fun, and admired by more people than you realise. You probably identify as an extrovert, love hosting parties and deep conversation. How about yellow? Optimistic, cheerful, and positive are probably the best adjectives to describe you. You have an infectious laugh and smile and you bring good vibes to those around you. People who claim blue as their favourite colour

We know that in our emerging post-Covid economy, the way we live has changed in such a short amount of time and that marketing strategies to attract and retain customers has changed almost overnight. For small businesses particularly, getting back on your feet with a whole new set of rules to play by is not an easy task! We hear your frustration and we feel your stress, small business owners, but take heart! Social interactions might be in a shift, but ultimately, it’s a shift in your favour: studies are showing that there’s an ever-growing trend of consumers preferring to

Taking your business online? You should! They help build your brand, make you more approachable, credible, and visible to an entire world of potential customers. 88% of consumers will research product or service information online before making a purchasing decision so having a great website is, without a doubt, a necessity today.   Building Your Perfect Website Peppermint has an incredible team of website designers that can help you succeed in your website goals. Our experts can create CMS (content management system) sites, ecommerce, and even bespoke websites to meet your precise requirements. We can even provide web hosting or walk you through

Customer experience in business is constantly changing to adapt to consumer trends. A positive customer experiences builds consumer affinity to your brand and leads to more referrals, positive customer reviews, and a better bottom line. It’s therefore important that marketers stay up to date on the latest so that we can bring them to you. Peppermint has plenty of experience in understanding and implementing what each individual business needs, based on their current situation, goals, and budget, but if you’d like a to get a jumpstart understanding of what’s trending in customer experience this year, here are 7 customer experience

A good web hosting provider and service can both positively or negatively affect your website’s performance and success.   What is Web Hosting? The simplified answer to this question is that web hosting is the action of buying or renting storage space on the internet via a physical server in order to house your website data, files, coding, cookies, etc so that others can visit it online. Every website you’ve ever visited is being hosted on a server.   The amount of space your website is given on a server depends on the type of hosting you purchase. There are five main types of hosting

When it comes to design, trends are constantly changing - even in the digital world! New tech and innovations mean that web design rarely sits still, and to make sure you’re providing your customers with the best experience it’s important you move with it. To make sure you keep up this year, check out the top web design trends we’ve picked out for 2020 and get inspired.   1) Getting Darker Example: New JUMO Concept incorporates dark design into their website to match their products and enhance the sleek, modern feel.  A hit this year will simply be turning the lights down on your

Your business’ website is the beating heart of your brand. It’s the place your audience will go to when they’ve heard your name and want to know more, or perhaps even just searched for something you’re offering, and it’s the key to winning them over. But, if your website isn’t up to scratch and doesn’t make the right first impression, you might send potential customers straight into the arms of your competitors. This is why it’s so important to know when you’ve got a great site and when yours might be in need of a bit of a makeover -