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Tips for Creating Social Media Graphics that Fizz!

What makes you read a blog post or anything for that matter? Writers would love to think that it’s the attention-grabbing headline, but really it’s the picture that every reader looks at first, and if that’s enticing enough, then your blog is more likely to be read.

It’s sad, I know, for writers who have spent time crafting stunning content, but you need a compelling graphic to make sure readers get to that amazingness. If you get the right combination of image and text, it’s like a one-two knockout punch.

So here are a few tips to make sure your graphics fizz and pop on the page:

1. The graphic should be bright, full of light and easy to read if you have text on it. Avoid using dark images where the details get lost, or text in a colour that’s difficult to read.

2. Use more pictures to help you tell your story. Many bloggers use a single image, but you might find that adding an image per paragraph connects your readers to the story in a more emotional way that also ensures they read to the end. Buzzfeed are expert users of this technique. Check their site out at buzzfeed.com.

3. Don’t pack your graphics with ideas – it sends out a confusing message. Choose one point you want to get across to your audience and then select a graphic that shows how you are going to approach this point in your post. For example, are you offering a solution to a problem, or is it a ‘how-to’ piece or an inspirational story? Your graphic should relate to your format.

4. Convey emotion. People read your blog or buy the product because you’ve made them feel something positive. Your graphic should do that too! Puppies and babies tend to do this very well, but you can’t depend on them for all audiences, or all stories.

5. Your graphic should show the benefits of what you’re selling. If you’re writing a blog for a teeth-whitening business, your graphic should show a bright, white smile rather than the whitening process. Your client wants to see the end benefit of their purchase.

6. Use a range of fonts to write messages on your graphics. Don’t just stick with one. A funny piece can use a more ‘casual’ font than a serious article.

7. Brand your images, if possible. Create a library of images that have a look and feel that says ‘you’ and ‘your brand’.

8. With reference to the above – avoid using stock photography because you won’t be able to create a signature style with it. Make your own library of images with the help of a designer if necessary. If you do use stock photos, make sure you use them legally.

9. Be your own designer. Don’t let the fact you don’t know Photoshop stop you from making your own images with a tool like Canva or PicMonkey.

It’s fun creating images that add the finishing touch to your writing: think of them as the accessories you’d wear to finish off an outfit; you wouldn’t dream of going out without them, so don’t publish your blogs without some awesome graphics.

Do you need a blog to build up your brand or business? Contact Jade Thompson on 0034 951 316 553 or email info@peppermintcreate.com for a chat about what Peppermint can do for you.