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The last few months have been very exciting for Peppermint and we’ve had some wonderful new clients walk through our doors. Gallery Pieters is one that we’re thrilled to be working with, because this new business is on trend with the explosion in culture and art that is attracting visitors to Málaga. Gallery Pieters may not be a pop-up Pompidou, but it is exhibiting artists that the Pompidou Málaga would be very happy to show. In early May, Peppermint handled the general PR and press launch for Gallery Pieters; it was an evening we’d like to share with you. It was

On 21 April 2015, Google made a major change to the way it ranks websites. The Masters of the Web have devised a new algorithm for evaluating your business website that will have substantial impact on your place in the search rankings. For those of you who know about Google algorithms, this new one will trump Panda and Penguin, according to Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji. Just to recap, Panda is the algorithm that assesses the quality of the content on your site, and the reason that every website needs original content written by competent writers. Penguin tracked down sites buying links

Peppermint has an ever-growing number of clients who are adding corporate social media to the basket of items they want from a marketing and design agency. Some of them want to reach the Marbella and Costa del Sol markets, but a substantial number of our clients want to reach to an audience far beyond Spain, especially those in the property and hospitality industries. Most clients want to connect with customers; that’s a no brainer, because social media is often where your customers turn to when they’re researching a product, and while they may not search for “Marbella apartments for sale” inside

Peppermint Design & Marketing, like many marketing agencies in the UK, and just about everywhere, is increasingly being asked to provide a social media strategy for existing and new client brands. It isn’t enough any more to simply launch a press campaign, or circulate flyers in Marbella, or the length of the Costa del Sol; brands need to be on social media as well. Plus, with the advancement in the advertising tools provided by the top social media channels—in particular Facebook – there is a strong case for creating a social media advertising budget. Back in 2007, Mark Zuckerberg predicted that

Keeping on top of social media trends can be daunting enough but add in the SEO factor and your head starts spinning faster than that girl in The Exorcist. Thank goodness that there are expert people out there keeping a beady eye on the trends in the complex world of Search Engine Optimisation. Keeping up with changes in SEO is essential to keep your website up the page rankings, so let’s look at what the newest tools and techniques are for keeping Google and the other search engines happy. Trend No.1 Content Rules The World Yes, at the risk of repeating ourselves,

The advice that follows is more aimed at the social media newbies than the advanced Twitter, Facebook and Instagram warriors, who are now savvy enough to know a “fake follower” when they see one. So, what’s the issue with having fake followers and how might they negatively affect your social media presence? With the help of Social Media Examiner, one of Peppermint’s trusted social media resources, we’re going to provide you with four tools to weeding out those fakes! Spotting the fake fans Phony profiles and spammy comments on your Facebook page can seriously damage your appearance in the newsfeed: Facebook might

When you invest in SEO for your business website, it really pays you keep track of your visitors and where they come from. At Peppermint we know that a significant number of our website views aren’t, as you might expect, from people on our doorstep in Marbella, or from the wider region of the Costa del Sol down to Gibraltar. We have visitors from across Europe and North America. And they might arrive via an organic search for ‘marketing agency Spain’ or through our Facebook or Twitter accounts. We recommend that you use Google Analytics to show you where your website

Peppermint provides internship placements to marketing and design students from all over Europe and beyond. One of our current interns, Peter Noble from London, is studying a BSc in Product Design at Bournemouth University, and he hopes to specialise in automobile design after graduation. So, when he received a Christmas gift of a pass to the F1 pre-season testing at Jerez, he didn’t have far to drive from the Peppermint office to study the cutting edge F1 designs and hang out with the likes of Lewis Hamilton. We asked him to share his experience – and some of his photos

Peppermint has just celebrated its 11th birthday. That’s good going in a Marbella marketing environment that has been hard hit by the recession. Apart from providing our clients with creative and professional creative design, web design, corporate branding and marketing strategy expertise, we also produce copywriting that dots all the i’s and crosses the t’s. Around the world, clients have woken up to the fact that they need skilled copywriting services to sell their brand. The rise of content marketing and the increase in web-based marketing and advertising campaigns, not to mention the social media channels that need a constant feed

Spain has had a rough ride from the British press over the last few years, but in 2014, the tide turned. We wouldn’t deny that a number of expats returned to the UK, or departed for Dubai, during the worst years of the recession, but we can see a marked reversal in that exodus; once again expats are flying in to boost the existing 297,000 British-born residents of Spain. And that is just the British; there are other expat communities to market to. Expat marketing agency in Marbella (Costa del Sol) Peppermint Marketing & Design has 11 years of experience in working