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We Speak Your Language

In January 2015, the Pound Sterling to Euro exchange rate rose to about €1.30 for £1. This was good news for anyone who wanted to use sterling to buy products in the Eurozone; now you could definitely get more bang for your buck, or pound, rather. It’s still some way from the heady early days of the euro, when the exchange rate was something like €1.7 to £1, but, according to PoundSterling Live, the current exchange rate is the best in six years if you want to buy euros.

This advantage doesn’t just apply to British visitors to the Costa del Sol, who will be able to afford more holiday treats, it also works in favour of British businesses who need a marketing agency. The team at Peppermint Design and Marketing Agency in Marbella have all worked at top UK agencies and we know what it costs to hire a small to medium sized agency in London, and in Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham or Bristol.

So, why should a UK business, of any size, pay through the nose for services that they could get for less? Well, one reason may be proximity. Some clients may argue that they like to have their marketing and design agency, or their web designer, in the same country, if not in the same city, so that they can pop in for a meeting. Yes, physical closeness may appear to make your marketing budget more secure, but in fact, with Skype, simplified conference calling facilities and email, it’s not really such a valid consideration.

Plus, we have experienced print and media buyers who learnt their art in the UK and are now familiar with what is on offer from the Spanish printers, as well as the British ones. We have graphic designers and web designers who are British-taught and who keep abreast of what is trending design wise in London. Indeed, we all do. And we all watch British TV, read British papers and follow British leaders on social media.

Peppermint has worked with British brands that need bilingual marketing to launch in Spain: so we can certainly help British brands launch in the British Isles. We offer everything from devising a brand strategy to planning your social media presence. We also produce stunning websites, and our corporate branding and communications is in great demand in both Gibraltar and expat businesses in Spain. In short, we speak your language: we can give you all the comfort you’d get at home, but with the advantage of paying a bit less for it.

Contact Jade Thompson, Managing Director of Peppermint on +34 951 316 553 or mail her at info@peppermintcreate.com for a chat about your marketing needs.