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You’re Running Out of Time to Optimise Your Website

We knew it was coming, but in February 2022 it officially arrives: Google’s latest page experience update will roll out, which means your digital marketing strategy will need to adjust itself accordingly so that your business can continue to reap the advantages of our new digital era, and grow bigger, better and more profitable than ever.

Now we’ve known for a while that this update was in the works (Google’s pretty good about announcing up-coming algorithm changes), and Peppermint’s SEO gurus were already preparing for it with our blog published way back in June, but we also know that technical details, especially amidst all the jargon that comes with these updates, can make it easy to forget about (or, yes, sometimes ignore) the changes you need to put into place for your business success. And while the digital marketing team at Peppermint is a very friendly and forgiving lot about putting off your website’s optimization, Google is a fickle mistress with strict deadlines that are fast approaching. Meaning you absolutely need to not only optimize your website, you absolutely need to do it now.


What Changes Are Coming?

Big changes are coming to global best practice search engine optimization (SEO) requirements as Google’s new algorithm update will change in order to offer better SER (search engine results) page rankings. More specifically, algorithm changes will be made to better measure largest content paint (LCP) and first input delay (FID) which in turn will measure, track and rank your website’s load times, cumulative layout shift to determine (and thus rank accordingly) user annoyance for visitors to your website, verification of SSL certificate and HTTPS usage in order to ensure user security and privacy, and mobile (in place of only desktop computer) accessibility. Like always, these changes are being done to improve user experience, which means if you get it right, your digital marketing has the potential to soar above the competition in terms of getting your business, your brand and your products and services seen online and the better optimized your website is for these known requirement changes, the better your SEO results will be once the rollout takes place early next year.

The trick, of course, to making that happen is to get a few changes to your digital marketing strategy in place as soon as possible.


What Do You Need To Do?

While changes are fast approaching, rest assured that if you act quickly, there’s still enough time to optimize your website so that you can benefit instead of suffer from these coming user experience changes. If you’re tech-savvy, Google has provided website developer guidelines to make sure your website is coded, programmed and designed in a way that meets Google’s newest demands, but if you struggle with the highly-technical specifications that can come with optimizing your website to its fullest, your best bet (especially with only a few months at best to get all the changes done) is to call in a professional SEO and digital marketing agency like Peppermint to take care of every detail for you. Our highly-trained and experienced marketing teams can tackle all the changes that Google needs done in perfect synergy with best practice SEO strategy, website design, content creation and more, so your digital marketing strategy is always top of the game, no matter what changes Google decides to roll out, now or in the future. In fact, with such an effective collaboration between all the many facets of getting your business online and succeeding there, having Peppermint on your side can be one of the most cost-effective ways to give your brand the boost you’re looking for next year and beyond.


Get in touch now and let us audit your current website, find all the optimizations needed (and probably some extras too, so you can stay ahead of the curve!) and implement all the changes, big and small alike, that your website, SEO, and digital marketing strategies need in order to make your website stand out online, so 2022 can be your best, most profitable year yet!