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Pitfalls of AI-Generated Content

You can find anything online. Literally anything. So when it comes to making your brand, your business, your products and services to stand out from the competition, quality digital marketing is a legitimate game changer. And when it comes to quality digital marketing, content is king. Human content, that is. Because according to the all-powerful Google, kings are not AI. That’s right. As popular as they are becoming these days and as great as they claim to be at boosting your SEO, AI-generated content is easily spotted by Google’s algorithms and just as easily ignored. That means that not only are human writers essential to a successful search engine optimization campaign, not using them (aka opting for AI or computer-generated content) is detrimental to your digital marketing strategy. With AI content writers, you’ll literally spend more money to achieve worse results.

We know this because recently, Google’s own ‘Search Advocate’ (aka one of the very few people who are privy to the majority of the ins and outs of Google’s ever-changing algorithms and thus a global expert on all things SEO) was asked if AI content writers are good at creating blog posts or product reviews and his answer was a simple yet oh-so-powerful “nope.”

Now, we know that Google is fiercely secretive about the way it works so asking him to elaborate on his answer would be pointless; but frankly, we don’t need to. That simple one-word response gave us everything we need to know: Google’s SEO algorithms do not recognise AI-generated content as quality enough to warrant its attention. So if you’re paying absolutely anything for AI-generated content with the hopes of boosting your SEO, you’re paying too much. Google is ignoring it all. Not only that, with poor quality content, like that generated from AI, your ranking on search engine results pages (your SERP rankings) could actually go down, as websites less-than-stellar content will bring down the overall quality of the whole thing. And as your competitors build and optimise their sites in accordance to best practice SEO strategy, including the use of quality (aka human) content blogs, they’ll move up the SERP ladder, pushing you farther down.

Boost Your SEO With Human Content Writing

If you’ve been looking for a way to boost your SEO, quality content is, without a doubt, the way to go. Do that by getting a great digital marketing agency on your side who can help you find your target audiences and the best ways, including the best keywords, to reach them. And don’t forget that any digital marketing agency worth their fee will be able to help you build and support your SEO strategy with a blog for your website written wholly by human writers so it’s unique, target-driven, and Google-approved.

If you’ve already fallen victim to the AI content trap and have been paying for computer-generated blogs that you now realise are jeopardising your SEO dreams, never fear -it’s easily remedied. Find yourself a digital marketing agency that offers website audits and get them to comb through your blog to give you a list of potential improvements, more than likely than not including a quick re-write of any AI-generated blogs to give them the human touch they need to be picked up and appreciated by Google’s algorithms and improve your SEO. Your digital marketing agency can then provide a human writer for your ongoing blogs to help ensure that your website gets the SEO results you’re after with all the ease and minimal input you were accustomed to when working with AI.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency on the Costa del Sol, give us a call at Peppermint! We use only human content writers -and great ones at that, alongside experts in SEO and digital marketing strategy so your business and your brand can not only be seen online, but generate the kind of attention it needs to stand out amongst all the online noise and -ultimately, make you money so your business can grow and thrive.

If you’re in need of a website audit or other SEO services, learn more about what Peppermint can do for you here or give us a call on +34 951 316 553.