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Being Helpful Pays Off, Google Says

Helpful = Better. At least, that’s what Google has declared when it launched its self-named Helpful Content Update this past August with roll-out happening as we speak. The goal, as always, is Google’s never-ending quest to provide the best possible experience to its users with the most relevant information every time a Google search takes place.

How are they intending to accomplish that with this algorithm update, you ask? Well as always, Google is pretty (read: extremely) hush-hush about the specifics of their trade secret algorithm and update processes, but also quite forthcoming about what you can do to make sure you’re affected in the best possible way (read: implementing best practice SEO to boost your SERP rankings). Here’s what they say:

Ignore the Bots and Put People First. Google’s bots scour every corner of the internet, including your website and every website associated with it, directly and indirectly, in order to process from it every bit of content and every bit of information, stated, implied, and otherwise, to ultimately index it into the largest information library ever created (so big, it holds more information than all the world’s libraries combined -and it’s only getting bigger every day!). It’s not a manual task, but to rank well with Google, it should be treated like one. Google’s bots may be bots, but they are more human-like than you realise and are very much aware when website content is being created for them rather than for your target audience. In short, do not create any content with the intention of attracting or appeasing Google. Your efforts will not be rewarded (in fact, they will be punished).

Instead, learn who is your target audience and create content for them. Answer the questions they would have, offer the products they would want, write in a way that they would understand, appreciate, and use themselves.

Publish original, human-created content. This has always been advised but if you haven’t taken heed yet, do so now. Google themselves, when launching this new Helpful Content Update, says that it’s being put in place to “ensure [that] people see more original, more helpful content written by people, for people, in search results.” Yes, you read that right and straight from the horse’s mouth, too: Google does not like automated content creation. Web design, blogs, social media…anything you publish online, you must make sure it’s unique to your business because automated or AI-powered content creation is not original enough to impress Google’s scrutiny.

That’s because without people-first content (as Google calls it), you’ll miss out on the human voice and the human experience that is intrinsictly included in everything people, but not AI, can produce.

Finally, everything you create should reflect your unique business service, offerings, or brand. Clearly define what you do, whatever that happens to be, and create your content with that position in mind. In short, find your niche and stick with it. Copying others, even successful others, will not create the same success for you. Know what you do, have passion for it, stand out from the crowd, and Google will reward you with not just a large audience but a more target audience that’s more likely to improve your SEO and increase your revenue.

Sound like a lot? It can be. But that’s why digital marketing agencies, like Peppermint, exist. We are the experts in all things Google loves by staying on top of every update Google continuously churns out and putting their advice into practice, quickly and efficiently so you can stay ahead of the digital marketing curve. And unlike some digital marketing agencies, our content has always been human created. Perhaps that’s why our clients’ businesses -in a range of industries and across the Costa del Sol, have been so successful.

Curious to learn more? Browse our portfolio to learn about what we’ve done for our clients or get in touch with our marketing experts directly to discuss what we can do for you!