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Marketing Marbella – The Buzz Around Business

There’s a definite buzz around Marbella at the moment. Over the last few months we’ve been cautiously celebrating what we see as a ‘Marbella revival’ and there has definitely been an upswing in demand for our marketing and graphic design services at Peppermint Spain. In recent years, marketing Marbella was a little more challenging than in the past, often due to negative press in the overseas media that sent potential visitors and investors scuttling off to other countries.

Happily, those days seem to be past and Marbella has once again reclaimed its status as Spain’s glamour destination and a place with lots of potential for new businesses, providing they understand the unique aspects of this market.

Just the other week, Peppermint Spain attended an International Women’s Day event at the Andalucia Lab near Elviria. This incredible facility has been underused by the expat businesses on the coast, but that seems to be changing as well. It’s an excellent venue for business conferences or meetings and its whole reason for existence is to help people learn how to market the Costa del Sol and beyond. Plus, if you’re a freelancer without an office, you can book space there if you want to meet clients, or just work in a different space for a change – the WiFi is free and there’s a cafeteria.

The event we attended focused on helping marketing and design agencies like us, plus small businesses, understand the Marbella market and how to make the most of the revival of international interest in Marbella. We heard a great presentation from music events organiser Pancho Campo, who helped us understand the structure of the Marbella market and how it needs to be approached when you want to publicise a product. Martina Nitzak from LUKS Marbella gave us valuable insights into the Russian consumer on the Costa del Sol, which was extremely helpful to all of us who would love to have more Russian clients.

There’s also a sense that the Marbella business community is pulling together and sharing expertise and resources with each other in the form of online tutorials, marketing training sessions and places where businesses can discover and advertise seminars and networking events such as that provided by BusinessCosta<a
This is just the beginning. There are more good things to come. Please contact us at info@peppermintcreate.com or call (+34) 951 316 553 and make sure your business is part of the Marbella buzz.