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Do you have trouble finding the right graphics to illustrate your blog? At the end of Peppermint Spain’s previous blog “Top 10 Tips For A Successful Blog,” top tip No. 10 was to accompany your blog with “attention-grabbing graphics”. Because we’re a design and marketing agency we have our own in-house graphic designers who create stunning work for our clients, but it is not economically efficient for us to use these professionals to create blog graphics, at least not when there is a free tool available that anyone can use. Peppermint Spain discovered it after mentioning to a fellow blogger

Everyone tells you that you must have a blog, right? But reaching and retaining the audience for your blog is rather more challenging than setting one up. So, why do some bloggers command audiences of thousands while others, who may be equally well written, have just a few followers? We discovered some useful tips through social media strategist Rebekah Radice, to add to our own insights into the world of blogging. 1. Understand your purpose – why are you blogging, how does it serve your company and your marketing strategy? 2. Commit to your blog – decide how often you can post

As we move towards the end of the year—it’s hard to believe it’s nearly Christmas as the sun is still shining down on Peppermint Spain and few of us have graduated to putting a duvet back on the bed -- it is time for marketing agencies and numerous experts to start reviewing what has been going on during 2014. What is new in graphic design, which style of website is trending and what’s going on with social media? One of the first annual reviews to appear in Peppermint’s mailbox is Newscred’s 56 Reasons Why Content Marketing Works. We have looked at

Do you remember a time when this symbol # meant ‘number’? It wasn’t even widely used in UK English and I recall seeing “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 on Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” album and wondering what the ‘#’ was. It’s been lurking around on phone keypads for some time, again with little reason to use it, but suddenly, this oddball symbol from outer fringes of ‘Symboldom’ has become the most important social media tool bar none. According to Costa del Sol social media expert Fiona Catchpowle, who is also known as #AskCyberGran, the hashtag “represents an important social

Peppermint Design and Marketing is little more than a stone’s throw from San Pedro’s tunnel and park project. In fact, the entrance to the tunnel is not far from our office door in Guadalmina. Since the tunnel opened last year, we’ve been watching the developments over ground with great interest. Now San Pedro’s new park and boulevard is almost ready for a launch event. The park offers so many exciting opportunities for residents. There’s an outdoor concert auditorium, which the Marbella mayor, Angela Muñoz, announced will “facilitate the scheduling of shows for young people, ‘fiestas’ and cultural events.” It is evident