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One of the biggest problems a content curator faces and anyone working with social media is keeping in touch with what the hot topics are on the Internet right now. Everyone in social media knows that when you post about a trending topic, you’re more likely to likes, shares, retweets, favourites, pins and everything else you hope social media and its faithful fans will do for you. Social media buffs know it isn’t easy to drive people to your site, or to get people to engage with posts. As we know, it is often a bit hit-and-miss and there are often

At Peppermint Design and Marketing Agency we love Newscred. These guys do a great job of keeping us up-to-date in Spain with what’s happening in the digital media and marketing world. This week we spotted a typically ‘on trend’ story that looks at the job of a content curator and gets the views of a few digital media experts about what qualities a person needs for the post. Content curator is a pretty new job description and it opens up a world of opportunities for professionals with a specific set of skills. Some companies have made the decision to split the