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Strolling Down San Pedro Boulevard

Peppermint Design and Marketing is little more than a stone’s throw from San Pedro’s tunnel and park project. In fact, the entrance to the tunnel is not far from our office door in Guadalmina. Since the tunnel opened last year, we’ve been watching the developments over ground with great interest. Now San Pedro’s new park and boulevard is almost ready for a launch event.

The park offers so many exciting opportunities for residents. There’s an outdoor concert auditorium, which the Marbella mayor, Angela Muñoz, announced will “facilitate the scheduling of shows for young people, ‘fiestas’ and cultural events.” It is evident that much of the park space is aimed at the younger generation and there are numerous play areas with swings and climbing frames for little ones to enjoy. It promises to be a great meeting place for parents of younger kids.

We were very excited to hear there would be an ice rink for skating and for playing ice hockey. We know that many Swedish and Finnish residents on the coast are massive fans of this sport, but it seems counter-intuitive to have an ice rink in southern Spain. We hear on the local grapevine that the ice rink won’t have ice but an ice-like surface that gives the same effect as the cold stuff.

The tunnel has already made a difference to San Pedro de Alcántara by diverting traffic travelling to Marbella from the town and allowing those who want to visit San Pedro easy access without the traffic jams that used to drive locals crazy. It’s true that during the summer we witnessed a couple of jams in the tunnel, but it was nothing compared to the old days.

It is apparent that the new park area is already attracting new businesses to the area, particularly restaurants, and we’ve witnessed the opening of ‘1870’ and ‘La Vaca Loca’ in recent months on the Nueva Alcántara side of the town. A micro brewery is also opening next to the farmacia on the beach side and this block, which includes Da Bruno’s and Da Vinci’s as well as stylish Italian L’Impronta, promises to makes this area a culinary destination. There’s also going to be a gourmet market on the boulevard, if everything goes according to plan, which should attract people from far and wide.

The project has cost Marbella ayuntamiento an eye watering six million euros, but we’re sure the money will prove to be well spent. We’re looking forward to strolling down the San Pedro boulevard to one of the new watering holes and toasting the success that we hope this project will bring to local businesses- including Peppermint.