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Make Your Own Memes

Do you have trouble finding the right graphics to illustrate your blog? At the end of Peppermint Spain’s previous blog “Top 10 Tips For A Successful Blog,” top tip No. 10 was to accompany your blog with “attention-grabbing graphics”. Because we’re a design and marketing agency we have our own in-house graphic designers who create stunning work for our clients, but it is not economically efficient for us to use these professionals to create blog graphics, at least not when there is a free tool available that anyone can use.

Peppermint Spain discovered it after mentioning to a fellow blogger that we’d like to create our own “memes” as these images are known in the trade! An Internet meme is generally an image with a caption, although popular hashtags and videos also qualify. Before minutes had passed an email landed with the address of Canva, a wonderful website where you can create your own memes.

It takes a little time to learn how to use Canva, but it’s great fun to experiment with it as many contacts discovered on Facebook and Twitter as a series of images with famous quotes and random messages appeared one slow afternoon. Since we discovered it, we’ve noticed that the movers and shakers in social media have been singing Canva’s praises, including the great Kim Garst who uses it for her graphics. If you follow Kim, you’ll know she’s an avid image poster and hers get shared with the multitudes.

Canva has a bunch of free tutorials that teach you ways to get the most out of the site. Lots of the images are free, but you can use your own images, such as your personal photos and add a message to them. We know that cats and cute babies rule the meme world, so why not use your own if you have either of these. Stunning scenery is also a good bet. You can play around and create a library of images for different clients and a range of topics.

Now, Canva is also available as an iPad app, which means you can make your own memes on the move. Contact info@peppermintcreate.com for graphic design that will add style to your brand and for blogs that will entertain your clients.