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Improve Your Corporate Social Media

Peppermint has an ever-growing number of clients who are adding corporate social media to the basket of items they want from a marketing and design agency. Some of them want to reach the Marbella and Costa del Sol markets, but a substantial number of our clients want to reach to an audience far beyond Spain, especially those in the property and hospitality industries.

Most clients want to connect with customers; that’s a no brainer, because social media is often where your customers turn to when they’re researching a product, and while they may not search for “Marbella apartments for sale” inside Facebook, it’s vital that property Facebook pages turn up in the prospective customers’ Google searches.

Connecting with social media leaders
However, this blog looks at other important target audiences that your corporate social media put you in touch with: they are other businesses, social media influencers and opinion leaders. Appealing to these groups—and the influencers and opinion leaders often have a global reach—can boost your business no end. For example, Peppermint recently attended a marketing event for female entrepreneurs in Marbella and met Dorothy Dalton, the CEO of 3Plus International, who can connect with hundreds of thousands to millions of people via LinkedIn, because she’s an ‘influencer’ on that channel. Dorothy is a recruitment coach and international executive search specialist and listed as a Top 100 Social Human Resources Experts On Twitter.

People Like
Dorothy helps people who join her on social media; she doesn’t try to sell her services in a blatant way, so it feels good to join her circle because she’s encouraging and helpful. According to Pew Internet report on Social Media Usage in 2014, people prefer to connect with people on Facebook who are important to them in real life.

If you’re a business, how do you overcome the perception that you’re trying to sell, sell, sell? Well, one way is to get your employees engaged in sharing your social media. However, don’t make employees feel they have to take part, or imply they may suffer in any way for refusing. Here are three reasons your employees of any age can help you:

1. Each of your employees has an average of 50 Facebook followers who are actually friends, and possibly 1oo more followers. With their help, and co-operation, your business can reach these people.
2. Trust plays a big part in social media and your employees’ friends are likely to feel a high level of trust in their support for a product or business.
3. The message is coming from a personal account. Research shows that people are far more likely to Like, Share or Follow if the recommendation comes from a personal Facebook account rather than a corporate one.

In Peppermint’s next blog, we’ll discuss how you can encourage your employees to share your corporate social media messages and a strategy for making sure they use social media channels in a way that helps rather than harms you.

If you’d like help with your social media, contact Peppermint’s Managing Director Jade Thompson for an audit of your social media presence and a discussion about your social media strategy. Tel: +34 951 316 553 or email: info@peppermintcreate.com