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Headline News: Peppermint Copywriting Service Solves Content Headache

Peppermint has just celebrated its 11th birthday. That’s good going in a Marbella marketing environment that has been hard hit by the recession. Apart from providing our clients with creative and professional creative design, web design, corporate branding and marketing strategy expertise, we also produce copywriting that dots all the i’s and crosses the t’s.

Around the world, clients have woken up to the fact that they need skilled copywriting services to sell their brand. The rise of content marketing and the increase in web-based marketing and advertising campaigns, not to mention the social media channels that need a constant feed of words and pictures, has created an unprecedented demand for copywriters.

Copywriting is now a much broader activity than writing a strong and attention-grabbing strap line like “Go to work on an egg” or “You’ve been Tangoed,” although that’s still a part of it. But, with search engine advances and a new marketing focus on web-based content, a need emerged for copywriters who could work with words outside a press and TV media context; suddenly everyone wanted writers who could seamlessly fit Internet search terms into text. It’s a part of SEO, and it’s a bit like being able to hang wallpaper with no seams showing!

Using SEO does place your website higher up the Google rankings, but when Google got fed up of people stuffing text with ‘keywords’; the search engine optimisation experts and copywriters had to rethink this. At Peppermint we work closely with SEO experts who tirelessly keep on top of what is trending in search terms for a marketing sector, and what Google’s algorithms look for in content.

But, Google aside, good copywriting provides natural, entertaining and informative content. At Peppermint we know that the first task in the art of creating high quality original content is know your target market. That determines the style and vocabulary an expert writer uses to communicate with them effectively. Also, make sure the focus of the text is on the audience by using “you” rather than “we”.

Peppermint also knows that a gift for discerning key messaging is essential: a copywriter should be able to connect a product’s benefits to customers’ emotional needs. It’s not enough to just describe a product accurately; a customer will buy a product because they grasp how it fulfils a need.

The ability to work closely with web and graphics designers is another important copywriting skill. Designers are known to insist that fabulous graphics are enough to reach a target audience; but the majority of Internet users aren’t equipped to evaluate design; they are hooked by the content; or not, if it’s uninspiring. Website visitors want to read quickly and understand with ease. Navigating around a site should be simple, and that’s where a combination of clear messaging and design need to work together.

There is also a bunch of tricks that we know turn average copywriting into compelling content: strong headlines, clear and concise copy, an active voice and at all times avoid ‘weasel words’. Those are words like “may”, “could” and “perhaps” for example. In short, words that avoid giving clear direction to the customer.

It’s also important to include customer quotes like these when possible: “Peppermint have played an integral part in the development of the Ibex Insurance brand,” and “Peppermint’s biggest asset is that they work in a timely manner and have excellent communication skills, not to mention their outstanding creativity.” Pulling quotes as sidebars in brochures, or websites, is an effective way of directing a reader’s attention to the main text.

Give us a call if you need any copywriting service, whether it’s a brochure, web content, a blog or press and radio campaigns.

Contact Jade Thompson, Managing Director at Peppermint to discuss your copywriting needs. Phone +34 951 316 553 or email info@peppermintcreate.com