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Peppermint has an ever-growing number of clients who are adding corporate social media to the basket of items they want from a marketing and design agency. Some of them want to reach the Marbella and Costa del Sol markets, but a substantial number of our clients want to reach to an audience far beyond Spain, especially those in the property and hospitality industries. Most clients want to connect with customers; that’s a no brainer, because social media is often where your customers turn to when they’re researching a product, and while they may not search for “Marbella apartments for sale” inside

Peppermint Design & Marketing, like many marketing agencies in the UK, and just about everywhere, is increasingly being asked to provide a social media strategy for existing and new client brands. It isn’t enough any more to simply launch a press campaign, or circulate flyers in Marbella, or the length of the Costa del Sol; brands need to be on social media as well. Plus, with the advancement in the advertising tools provided by the top social media channels—in particular Facebook – there is a strong case for creating a social media advertising budget. Back in 2007, Mark Zuckerberg predicted that

Keeping on top of social media trends can be daunting enough but add in the SEO factor and your head starts spinning faster than that girl in The Exorcist. Thank goodness that there are expert people out there keeping a beady eye on the trends in the complex world of Search Engine Optimisation. Keeping up with changes in SEO is essential to keep your website up the page rankings, so let’s look at what the newest tools and techniques are for keeping Google and the other search engines happy. Trend No.1 Content Rules The World Yes, at the risk of repeating ourselves,

The advice that follows is more aimed at the social media newbies than the advanced Twitter, Facebook and Instagram warriors, who are now savvy enough to know a “fake follower” when they see one. So, what’s the issue with having fake followers and how might they negatively affect your social media presence? With the help of Social Media Examiner, one of Peppermint’s trusted social media resources, we’re going to provide you with four tools to weeding out those fakes! Spotting the fake fans Phony profiles and spammy comments on your Facebook page can seriously damage your appearance in the newsfeed: Facebook might