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We know that in our emerging post-Covid economy, the way we live has changed in such a short amount of time and that marketing strategies to attract and retain customers has changed almost overnight. For small businesses particularly, getting back on your feet with a whole new set of rules to play by is not an easy task! We hear your frustration and we feel your stress, small business owners, but take heart! Social interactions might be in a shift, but ultimately, it’s a shift in your favour: studies are showing that there’s an ever-growing trend of consumers preferring to

At Peppermint, a local creative and digital marketing agency, we are lucky to have a mixed portfolio of clients who offer different types of products and services to both local and international markets. Our mission is to offer all of our clients the highest level of service and implement marketing campaigns that generate results. Each client is unique, so we formulate bespoke marketing strategies based upon specific client requirements. This ranges from corporate branding, graphic design and offline marketing campaigns to website design and digital marketing including blogging, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Search (Google AdWords) and Social Media. Today, we would

It’s well-known that digital marketing evolves at insanely fast speeds. Each year it seems that there are a ton of innovations, bringing new solutions to branding and helping businesses better communicate with their audiences. But, how do you stay on top of all these changes? At Peppermint, we do it by looking ahead at the trends to come, and this year we’ve put together the most important we’ve found to help you up your marketing game in 2020.   Less Intrusive Video Ads It’s no secret that consumers aren’t big fans of intrusive ads. In fact, a 2017 study found that the least

    What are your first thoughts about a marketing campaign for your company r brand? Do you immediately think “online ad campaign, press releases and social media strategy?” Those are the standard tools, but marketing can be a lot more imaginative if you just think outside the box. If you really want to get people talking about your business, try these unusual marketing tactics.   Viral videos Do you remember Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign from 2013? That’s a great example of how video can promote brand. It went viral because it didn’t just talk about the product; it also raised awareness about women’s body image

Peppermint Design & Marketing, like many marketing agencies in the UK, and just about everywhere, is increasingly being asked to provide a social media strategy for existing and new client brands. It isn’t enough any more to simply launch a press campaign, or circulate flyers in Marbella, or the length of the Costa del Sol; brands need to be on social media as well. Plus, with the advancement in the advertising tools provided by the top social media channels—in particular Facebook – there is a strong case for creating a social media advertising budget. Back in 2007, Mark Zuckerberg predicted that

Peppermint provides internship placements to marketing and design students from all over Europe and beyond. One of our current interns, Peter Noble from London, is studying a BSc in Product Design at Bournemouth University, and he hopes to specialise in automobile design after graduation. So, when he received a Christmas gift of a pass to the F1 pre-season testing at Jerez, he didn’t have far to drive from the Peppermint office to study the cutting edge F1 designs and hang out with the likes of Lewis Hamilton. We asked him to share his experience – and some of his photos

Money is sexy, so why is the financial services product sector often considered a poor relation (in the world of marketing) of the glamorous products, such as cars, couture and cutting edge technology that we all need the cold hard cash to buy? Rather than take the traditional attitude to finance, Peppermint takes a fresh approach to its financial service clients and promises to bring ‘on trend’ marketing tools to corporate identity and brand strategy. Marketing Financial Services and ‘On Trend’ Design At Peppermint we’re passionate about our financial services clients and we believe that the world of finance doesn’t need to

Sitting in southern Spain, on the beautiful Costa del Sol, we wondered what kind of ‘stocking filler’ we could give our readers this Christmas. Then we realised that one topic we haven’t touched on much is Twitter. Plus we’d just read the news that Instagram has knocked Twitter off the social media top spot, so it seemed like a good opportunity for a bit of Twitter TLC. There’s no doubt that Twitter skills are pretty different to the ones we use on Facebook: short and attention grabbing tweets are not always easy to compose and you certainly can’t do things like

The stats for content strategies show that the majority of content marketers haven’t adopted the concept of making a strategy plan. Here are some top tips for creating a content strategy for 2015. 1. First, what should your content strategy cover? • A strong and consistent presence across the main social media networks • A blog with a regular publishing schedule • Content that covers topics of interest to your customers/clients • Measurement tools so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Don’t forget to present this as a clearly written plan for the team using it. Only 35% of B2B content