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Website Marketing for Small Businesses

We know that in our emerging post-Covid economy, the way we live has changed in such a short amount of time and that marketing strategies to attract and retain customers has changed almost overnight. For small businesses particularly, getting back on your feet with a whole new set of rules to play by is not an easy task! We hear your frustration and we feel your stress, small business owners, but take heart! Social interactions might be in a shift, but ultimately, it’s a shift in your favour: studies are showing that there’s an ever-growing trend of consumers preferring to purchase from smaller, local businesses, so now is perhaps the best time to start up, rebuild, or revive your small business.

Depending on where your small business is in the start-up or re-build process means a range of tasks to consider and accomplish, but no matter where you and your business sits, it’s never been more important for you to put a strategic marketing plan into place, most importantly by creating and marketing a business website that not only attracts new customers but also sets you apart from increasing competition, both on and off line.

Designing and Building Your New Website

If your business doesn’t have a website, it’s time it got one. Not only are there more potential customers online than ever before, there is also more competition, so not having an online presence can quickly become detrimental to your bottom line. When it comes to creating a new website, we always recommend working with professional website designers like ours who can help you through the process and make sure the technicalities are done correctly to ensure that your website is built to the highest standards and is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and sales driven. The experience they bring to the table in terms of creativity and marketing knowledge can greatly boost your website’s performance, too, and their ability to track, measure, and analyze all data new websites can produce about your site, its visitors, and your online market are invaluable pieces of information when it comes to ongoing online business success.

Auditing and Redesigning Your Existing Website

Many small businesses already have a website, but it’s not providing the results that you hoped for, expected, or were promised. When that happens, look into a website audit, which reviews every page of your website to offer suggestions for improvement, both technical (like website speed and security), and creative (like usability, content, and navigation). At Peppermint a leading website and digital marketing agency based in Estepona, not far from Marbella, we can take care of this for you too, quickly and easily. Then, armed with this information, savvy website managers can update what’s needed themselves or seek the help of our professional web designers who can help to really take your small business website to the next level.

Essential Elements of Successful Website Design

Whether you already have a small business website or are in the process of creating one, there are a few things that you should always consider:

  • Your Brand: Standing out amongst the crowd is incredibly important when it comes to creating a successful business. When creating your website, make sure you are well aware what your brand is and make sure all the content on your website reflects it. Your target audiences will thank you for it with their interactions, reviews, loyalty, and purchase power that drives your business success for years to come.
  • The Importance of Visuals: Most visitors to a website will spend just a few seconds there before moving on, unless something grabs their attention. High-quality visuals, be it photographs, icons, 3D effects, videos, or something else, are a critical part of any great website design. Research and discuss with your web designer what visuals will make the biggest impact on your target audience; and make sure that any photos of products you sell are the absolute highest quality possible.
  • Customer Experience: Keeping customers informed is an important aspect to business success in today’s market. Keeping all your company, product, and service information up to date on your website (and across all your digital marketing, like Google My Business), is vital to build and maintain your status as a quality business and retain customer loyalty.
  • Content is King: Quality content on your website is a essential to business success. Researched and targeted content helps to define your authority and keeps your audience engaged. Make sure all your website’s pages include well-written content about your business, but don’t forget to include a blog on related topics in your industry to really set you apart to your customers and provide Google with refreshing content that it requires to be seen on their search engine rankings.

Designing Websites That Build Small Businesses

When creating your business website, always remember that your goal is to attract attention, provide information, create dialogue, and offer a sales opportunity. While there are many ways of accomplishing each of these goals, when designing and marketing your small business website, you should always have a clearly-defined digital marketing strategy for achieving each of them.

Peppermint’s experienced website designers and digital marketers work hand-in-hand to create and revive websites that get seen online. From CMS (content management system) sites to ecommerce online shops and everything in between, our incredible team can build you a bespoke website that you´ll love. Because today’s market demands it, all our websites are built mobile-friendly and we work parallel to our SEO and digital marketing experts to create a site that compliments your work in those areas, too, offering your small business website a comprehensive suite of pages that will help build your online audiences, generate leads, and convert browsers into buyers.

Contact us today to learn more about our small business website and digital marketing packages and how we can help get your business noticed!