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Innovative web design trends for 2020

When it comes to design, trends are constantly changing – even in the digital world! New tech and innovations mean that web design rarely sits still, and to make sure you’re providing your customers with the best experience it’s important you move with it. To make sure you keep up this year, check out the top web design trends we’ve picked out for 2020 and get inspired.


1) Getting Darker

Example: New JUMO Concept incorporates dark design into their website to match their products and enhance the sleek, modern feel. 

A hit this year will simply be turning the lights down on your site and getting darker. Dark mode will involve websites that use a darker background colour, and brands that want to up their interactivity can even give users the option to switch between dark and light mode. This new trend has a ton of benefits, including helping other elements on your page stand out, saving power on OLED screens, and making browsing easier on the eyes.


2) Visual Data

Example: BBC’s Falling Through The Pay Gap uses visual data to make their informative article far more engaging.

Everyone loves data and it can really show off your brand, but no one wants to read through stacks and stacks of figures. This is where visual data comes in, and in 2020 we’re all going to love it. Visual data is pretty much what it sounds like; mapping out your figures and insights in a visual form, helping your audience better understand and absorb the information. It could involve graphs that are a little out of the ordinary, or a real work of digital art that users can interact with to see your data.


3) Hand-Illustrated Details

Example: The showcase of sites on Awwwards give tons of ideas of how these hand-illustrated elements can be incorporated into different brand identities. 

After years of striving for picture-perfect websites, everything’s about to get a little more basic. Users are now craving for more imperfect sites that have a whole lot of character and personality, and hand-illustrated elements will play a big part in achieving this. From handwritten fonts to basing large chunks of your site’s design on this playful idea, however you incorporate it it’ll be sure to win over plenty of customers in 2020.


4) Graphics and Photography 

Example: Forward You uses a blend of real-life visuals and graphics to create an engaging video when you land on their homepage, instantly engaging the audience.

If you use a lot of photography in the design of your website, why not shake things up a little and blend it with graphics? This is becoming a big trend for web design and a hit amongst users, adding a fun, quirky aspect to your site. From playful little squiggles outlining your photos to more chunky, bold graphics, play about with what you can do until you find the style that matches your brand.


Web design shows the world who you are and why they should buy into you, so taking the time to get it right and know what your audience wants is crucial. If you need a helping hand getting it right, our web designers and developers at Peppermint are here to help! With expert knowledge and plenty of creative flair, they’ll help you design a site that matches your brand and draws in your audience.