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2020 Customer Experience Trends

Customer experience in business is constantly changing to adapt to consumer trends. A positive customer experiences builds consumer affinity to your brand and leads to more referrals, positive customer reviews, and a better bottom line. It’s therefore important that marketers stay up to date on the latest so that we can bring them to you. Peppermint has plenty of experience in understanding and implementing what each individual business needs, based on their current situation, goals, and budget, but if you’d like a to get a jumpstart understanding of what’s trending in customer experience this year, here are 7 customer experience trends to consider:


  1. Self Service: When we know that consumers like to be in control of their decisions, it is easy to understand why there’s a rise of self-service in the customer experience trends. Easy ways to provide this for your consumers is to provide a FAQ area on your website, self-registration, online discussion forms, etc. Your goal for this trend is to help your customer help themselves.
  2. Customer Service Transparency: In our digital age, it’s not difficult to find information online, and it’s just as easy for your customer to change their loyalty to another company if they feel they’re being manipulated or are dealing with a business whose ethics are misaligned from theirs. Being open and honest about your abilities and flaws during the customer service process, then, is an important customer experience trend coming into 2020. Being transparent about what you, as a business or product, and what you, as a person representing your business, is able to achieve for the customer and what you can’t instills confidence in their purchase and loyalty to your brand.
  3. Hyper Personalization: One size fits all is no longer a successful marketing strategy, if it ever was. Today’s consumer want personalized, bespoke recommendations, customized products and services, and a customer experience that’s tailored specifically to them. Using their name, knowing their customer history with your company to make suggestions and recommendations, and personalized website content are all important areas to achieve great customer experience.
  4. Privacy: Data protection is an important aspect of user experience in today’s digital world. Being open and honest with how you will use your customer’s information, as well as diligent in maintaining their information secure, are an expected part of today’s customer experience which will have serious consequences if not taken to heart.
  5. Employee Experience: Providing a great customer experience is as easy as providing a great employee experience. The level of care that you give your staff is the same level of care that your staff will give your customers, as simple as that. Investing in your employees is a great return on investment
  6. Inclusivity: With an ever-more diverse worldwide consumer (think race, culture, language, disability, sexuality), knowing how you’re not currently meeting their needs and openly and honestly trying to improve it builds confidence and trust in your business and increases customer satisfaction.
  7. Speed: We’re in an era of instant gratification, so the sooner you can accomplish whatever it is your customer is seeking, the better. Keep in mind, though, that it is still better to be slower and better than faster and lower quality.


Market Research

Implementing successful customer experience strategies is a multi-step process. No one strategy works for every business so it’s vital that you have a solid understanding of where you are and where you want to be.  Consumer profiling, competitor analysis, quantitative research, and more, as a leading marketing agency in Marbella, Peppermint can help you conduct the market research to better understand exactly what your need to succeed.


Website Design

Building a new website or redesigning one you already have is often requested as part of a marketing strategy to improve customer experience. Personalization, privacy, transparency, speed – nearly every aspect of customer experience can be directly linked to your website design. Our team is made up of experts in website design and can provide a full-service design that brings your website up to its full potential for today’s market.


Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) and Digital Marketing

Let Peppermint engage your audience on the personalized level they’re looking for with our search engine SEO and digital marketing expertise. In the short term, we can also advise you on the best and most cost-efficient ways to use paid search engine advertising to get your business seen through customer experiences that consumers require in today’s market.


Your full-service creative design and digital marketing agency

Don’t forget that as a full service design and digital marketing agency based in Estepona (Marbella, Málaga), Peppermint can not only improve your customer experience, but can help with all aspects of your marketing and design including branding, graphic design, copywriting, radio and press advertising, public relations, social media, website design, and so much more. Give us a call to chat about where you want to go – we’ll find a way to help you get there!