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Is it Time for a New Website?

Your business’ website is the beating heart of your brand. It’s the place your audience will go to when they’ve heard your name and want to know more, or perhaps even just searched for something you’re offering, and it’s the key to winning them over. But, if your website isn’t up to scratch and doesn’t make the right first impression, you might send potential customers straight into the arms of your competitors. This is why it’s so important to know when you’ve got a great site and when yours might be in need of a bit of a makeover – and we’re here to make sure you know the difference.


Is a Good Website Really That Important?

Before we jump into what makes a good website, here are some statistics that show just how important they are:


  • It takes just 0.05 seconds for users to form their opinion of a website – and you don’t want it to be a bad one!
  • Almost 40% of users will stop browsing a site if the content or layout isn’t attractive.
  • The Gomez Report found that almost 90% of users will be less likely to come back to your site if they’ve had a bad experience with it.
  • 3 out of 4 users will judge the credibility of a brand based solely on the design of the website.


It’s pretty clear that your website needs to be at it’s best from these few figures – and there are tons out there that say just the same! So now it’s time to make sure yours is hitting the mark.


Web Design Musts

The first of 3 crucial aspects to every good website is design. Making sure your website looks professional, reflects your brand, and is easy to use is a great way to win over new customers in an instant. Remember, how your site looks is their first impression of you, so make it count with sleek design and appealing visuals that are targeted to your audience.


The Technical Side

Once you’ve won them over with design, you need to make sure your audience have an unbeatable customer experience if you want to make them stay. This is where you need to look at technical aspects such as loading speeds (slow-loading sites are costing retailers over $2.5 billion every year in lost sales!) , ease of navigation, and responsiveness. Consumers these days have short attention spans and aren’t the most patient, so a website that’s slow to react and doesn’t load in an instant could cost you customers.


Well-Written Content

If your website looks great and works just as well, the content is your final chance to convert browsers into loyal customers. Your written content is how you’re going to really engage your users, entertain them, and create lasting connections, so it’s vital it reflects your brand and appeals to your target market. You should have plenty of calls to action, too, encouraging your users to move further into your website and guiding them on the journey you want them to take.


A New Website Is Never a Bad Idea

If you don’t think your website design is quite enough to win over your audience in 0.05 seconds, your functions take a while to respond, and your content isn’t that exceptional, it’s probably time for an update. Luckily, our web designers, web developers and web content writers at Peppermint can help! We have a whole team who can pull together their specialised skills to build you a site you can be proud to show the world. If you want to learn more, be sure to contact us for a quote or sign up for free website analysis.