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Website Trends for 2020

Taking your business online? You should! They help build your brand, make you more approachable, credible, and visible to an entire world of potential customers. 88% of consumers will research product or service information online before making a purchasing decision so having a great website is, without a doubt, a necessity today.


Building Your Perfect Website

Peppermint has an incredible team of website designers that can help you succeed in your website goals. Our experts can create CMS (content management system) sites, ecommerce, and even bespoke websites to meet your precise requirements. We can even provide web hosting or walk you through the best fit for your business needs. But what does your website need?


Website Audits

If you are not sure if your website is the best it could possibly be, we can perform a website audit –a complete, comprehensive check of every page of your site using a range of analytical tools to determine what’s working and what’s not. With this information, we can guide you how to take your website to the next level and meet the needs and desires of your target audience.


Website Trends

Building you the best possible website is about customization, to be sure. It involves knowing you, your product, and your ideal website visitor. It’s also about knowing what’s trending, too, and using that to your advantage. Here are some of this year’s biggest trends we are seeing in website design.


  • Dark Backgrounds: Practical in the sense that they reduce eye strain to the viewer (making them intrinsically more appealing), dark background colours on a website also allow for higher contrast, making your graphics, visuals, and text pop in stunning, dramatic effect.
  • Hand-Drawn Icons: The authenticity of imperfect graphics and icons give your website a ‘real person’ feel and let consumers automatically connect to the person behind the brand, an absolute must in today’s business market.
  • Voice User Interface: With the increased used of artificial intelligence online, allowing visitors to interact with your website via voice activated commands is a big up-coming trend when it comes to websites today.
  • 3D Effects: One way today’s websites are drawing their visitors in is through 3D designs. Hyper-realistic and incredibly engaging, using 3D and interactive effects keep your website visitors spending more time on your website, a tactic that translates to higher brand loyalty and greater sales volume.
  • Minimalist Design: Although definitions of ‘minimalist’ vary from person to person and designer to designer, there is an ever-increasing trend these days to make websites as simple and clean as possible, perhaps because it is considered more sophisticated or perhaps because it can inadvertently increase website speed and performance.
  • FAQs and Knowledge Bases: Excellent customer experience now means allowing customers to be in control as much as possible. One way this is being translated into websites is through FAQ pages and knowledge bases. They are both ways to help your customers help themselves, and they are increasingly popular because they attract and retain visitors to your websites.


Other website trends we are seeing this year include much more use of AI (think chat bots, photo recognition, client tracking, and augmented reality), oversized lettering and typography, use of animation and video, full screen formatting, and bold patterns, all ways designers are harnessing to not only pull new visitors in but perhaps more importantly, keep them on your site and coming back again and again.


Professional Websites that Convert Visitors into Clients

Looking for a fresh new look for your website? Or maybe you love the look you have but it’s not getting the traffic you hoped for? Let the expert team at Peppermint, a leading website design agency, take a look and give you some honest feedback. Based on analytical data as well as our intuitive knowledge and industry know how, we can get it exactly how you want, both in design and function.