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Google+ Business Page – 5 Tips To Get More Followers

Having a Google+ business page has joined the list of required social media channels. However, many business users are mystified about how to use Google+ effectively and what techniques are needed to attract more followers to their Google+ page.

Peppermint, with some help from social media Queen Kim Garst and respected information source Social Media Examiner, have compiled a Top 5 Tips for a Google+ business page strategy.

Because Google+ has had some social media producers scratching their heads, many business users started off with this new social media channel by taking a “post it and let’s see,” approach. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to gain good results. Some of the following tips for using Google+ may not apply to your business, so do be selective.

Tip #1 – Set up both a personal and business page profile
After you post content on your business page, switch to your personal account, give your business post a “ +1” and then share it. It’s likely your personal profile has more followers than your business profile, so you automatically increase the chances of your business post being seen.

Tip #2 – Use hashtags
Hashtags are no longer confined to Twitter. You’ll notice they’re appearing in every social media channel because more people now use them in search terms. Google+ will helo you find the right hashtag for your post. Type a word or phrase in and it will show a selection. Two to three hashtags is enough.

Tip #3 – Follow trending topics and memes
Social media channels have created hashtags for special events and trending topics. You’ll make new connections for example by joining #fanpagefriday. You can predict trends by looking at a calendar of national/international holidays and major events, e.g. #supermoon and create relevant content in advance.  You want people to ‘+1’ your content – it’s the same as retweeting really – so that your page has a wider audience.

Tip #4 – Ask for ‘follows’
Approach with caution. You don’t want to appear as though you’re desperate for followers, so when you ask people to follow your Google+1 business page add a “strong call to action,” says Martin Shervington at Social Media Examiner. He suggests you include a message highlighting the specific benefits of following you. For example, “Please circle our Google+ page to get great social media tips.”

Tip #5 – Follow others
Following other Google+ pages is anther way to grow your followers. Start with other Google+ business pages in your geographic area and create a circle on your page just for those businesses. When people see you’re connected to people they know, they’re more likely to follow you back.

These are some of the Google+ business page basics. No doubt we’ll be back with more information about how to use this new tool. In the meantime, if you need help with content for your social media channels contact Jade Thompson on T: (+34) 951 316 553 or jade@peppermintcreate.com