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Customer experience in business is constantly changing to adapt to consumer trends. A positive customer experiences builds consumer affinity to your brand and leads to more referrals, positive customer reviews, and a better bottom line. It’s therefore important that marketers stay up to date on the latest so that we can bring them to you. Peppermint has plenty of experience in understanding and implementing what each individual business needs, based on their current situation, goals, and budget, but if you’d like a to get a jumpstart understanding of what’s trending in customer experience this year, here are 7 customer experience

As we saw in our previous blog, search engine optimization, commonly referred to by its acronym SEO, is a key aspect of any digital marketing strategy, along with other elements such as content marketing, pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing, marketing automation, email marketing, online publications, sponsored content and social media marketing.   What is SEO? SEO is the process of improving your rank on search engines so that your company is seen first when people search for key words related to your product, service or business. Importantly, SEO is “organic” advertising, i.e. not something you pay for, so it must be achieved