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Peppermint is a local leader in branding for small, established businesses, major global corporations, new startups, and those with rebranding needs alike. But why is branding important at all? To answer that all-important question, we first need to know what branding is.   What is Branding? A brand is like a fingerprint. It’s a completely unique way that others can use to identify you. Your brand should be singular and unique in a way that sets the entire tone for your business, what it does, and what it stands for. It should capture your clients’ attention and hold it for as long as

Branding is nothing new as an important part of any business marketing strategy. Quality branding makes you and your products memorable and can effectively distinguish you from your competitors. It can and should build trust in your company and your product(s), which, in turn, attracts and retains customers. Effective branding isn’t easy, but we can help make it easier by letting you in on the top branding trends that your business should follow. And, of course, should you want a little more guidance, we’re always here to help!   Top Branding Trends Your Business Should Follow: 1. It’s not about what you do, it’s