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Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is the amount of interaction other users on social media have with your brand, which is usually done through either commenting, tagging you, or sharing one of your posts. It’s one of the gold standards for measuring social media effectiveness, and having high engagement means you’re more likely to reach a larger audience and, hopefully, make more sales. Here are six quick tips on boosting your social media engagement if you’re struggling.


Add Visuals

Adding visual content to your social media posts is one of the most sure-fire ways to quickly boost engagement. People are increasingly likely to watch video, and a lot of it. You’ve probably seen the statistics, but suffice it to say, Americans watch a lot of online video these days. You should also design some great looking graphics for your social media page that really capture the essence of your company. Here’s a design tool if you’re looking for a free branding option.


Comment on Other Content

Another quick tip is to comment on other content, particularly content that’s in your industry. You can quickly build a following and get some brand recognition points if you’re consistently adding to the conversation on any given topic. If you’re struggling because you have profiles on multiple platforms, check out a social media management app like Later.com, which can help you analyze post performance and engagement, schedule posts, and listen for keyword mentions.


Hold Giveaways

You may not want to hold giveaways, but they’re a very effective way to boost engagement in a short amount of time. You don’t have to give away a car or something crazy; just something that’s sure to get people to interact with your content, and if you capitalize on that by getting the person to subscribe to a newsletter or make a purchase, you’re that much ahead. If you’re looking for an easy to use app that can help you manage giveaways, check out Woobox.com. It not only handles giveaways, it can help you with polls or various other types of interactive marketing campaigns on social media.


Post at Optimal Times

This is easier said than done, but by running analytics on your social media marketing, you can tell when the best time for posting is to reach the most engaged customers. Most analytics platforms are capable of giving you these details. It may require some experimentation up front, but after awhile, you’ll have enough data to know what time of the day is best for getting engagement on your posts.


Reply to Your Audience’s Comments

You’d be surprised at what responding directly to your followers’ comments can do. It helps you seem more down to earth, gives them the excitement of interacting directly with a brand they love, and can get a conversation going that others can then chime in on. Before you just start using a pre-canned automated response, though, think of ways to make your brand more relatable by using humor, showing the people behind the brand, or answer questions about your product.


Stay Topical

In general, you’ll probably want to stay out of controversial topics unless that’s a specific part of your marketing campaign (and your target market expects you to engage in political conversations), but staying topical can keep your brand from getting stale and engage with customers who are thinking about the same thing at the time. The internet does move with lightning speed, after all. If you’re looking for a way to stay topical, check out items like Twitter’s trending list, or just check out the headlines on your favorite news site. Commenting on something like a sporting event, a national holiday, or something similar can help you boost your engagement quickly.

If you still feel you need some help with your social media, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As a leading creative and digital marketing agency in Estepona, near Marbella, we have years of experience in social media marketing and can help you get your business flying socially high!