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Google is the most visited website in the world, with 62 billion visits to it globally in 2019 alone. That same year, Google processed 3.5 billion searches every day - that’s 40,000 searches every second! Most importantly for your business, once Google has provided an answer, 90% of Google users report that they will click on the first set of results. What does this mean for you as a company? Well, to be blunt, it means that if you have any hope of your business thriving in the digital world (and let’s face it, everything’s in the digital world now, so

Social media engagement is the amount of interaction other users on social media have with your brand, which is usually done through either commenting, tagging you, or sharing one of your posts. It's one of the gold standards for measuring social media effectiveness, and having high engagement means you're more likely to reach a larger audience and, hopefully, make more sales. Here are six quick tips on boosting your social media engagement if you're struggling.   Add Visuals Adding visual content to your social media posts is one of the most sure-fire ways to quickly boost engagement. People are increasingly likely to watch