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Local, Local, Local!

Want to grow your business and your profit this year? Who doesn’t, right? Let’s make it happen! Bare with us on this one and start with a little visualization: No matter what your business does, no matter what your business sells, no matter how big or small your business is, envision it as a tiny plant just beginning to sprout out of the dirt in a small clay flowerpot. Can you see it? Now, what does it need to get bigger, better, and stronger? Careful nurturing of the roots, right? See where we’re going with this? Yup, that’s right: to build your business, you need to start with where the roots are. And where are your business’s roots? If you’re reading this blog, your business’s roots are, more than likely, located right here in Estepona, Marbella, and the Costa del Sol of course! So that’s exactly where you should be focusing your marketing on this year! Easy, right? We think so, especially when you have an expert digital marketing business with tons of local experience like Peppermint to walk you through it.

Micromarketing to Build a Bigger Business

It may seem counter-intuitive, but to build a bigger business, you need to go smaller. It all has to do with markets and economies in our post-Covid world, but in short -and we can’t stress this enough, to be successful in business today, your marketing plan needs to put extra emphasis on understanding and appealing to your local community. We aren’t living in the same globalized world as before and consumers of all ages, backgrounds, and budgets are looking closer and closer to home when they go to spend their hard-earned time and money. Find out what people in your geographic area want and heavily focus your product, your service, and your marketing strategy on that. By doing so, you’re sure to offer something that your customers love, which will not only improve sales, but create a larger, more engaged online presence and digital community. And those roots, my dear business owner, is what your fledgling sprout of a business needs today to make it grow into something bigger, better, more beautiful, and farther-reaching than ever.

Learn more about micromarketing on our previous blog, but if you don’t feel like doing that, here’s the one-sentence summary: if your digital marketing plan doesn’t include geographic micromarketing, now’s the time to make sure it does.

How To Tackle Geographic Marketing Strategy

In order to successfully implement a great geographic-based micromarketing campaign, you’ll need to really understand the needs and wants of customers or would-be customers in your particular geographic area. Your marketing plan will need to be hyper-focused on the needs and wants of a relatively small demographic so you need to appeal to all of them. This means that you literally can not have too much information, so employing the help of marketing agency that’s local to the area and has plenty of digital marketing experience -like Peppermint, is a great idea that can provide an incredible return on investment. You’ll also want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of local mapping services that, although require some set-up time and on-going maintenance, are essential to any local business marketing plan. Specifically, get your business on Google My Business and Apple Maps. Both of these will list your business first to local customers when they’re searching online, which offers you incredible opportunities to be seen by those who are more likely to become loyal customers and influencers. Optimizing your Google My Business and Apple Maps listings is an art in itself though, so make sure you’re taking the needed time and effort into doing it right -and on a regular basis, too, so you don’t jeopardize your business’s name and reputation with out-of-date information, poor (or fake, fraudulent, or misleading!) reviews, and more (Peppermint can take of that, too! All you need do is ask!).

Help is On The Way!

Not sure where or how to start? Don’t have the time or resources to put together the micromarketing strategy that your business needs? Peppermint is here to help! Our team is made up of a number of digital marketing experts, web designers, content writers, social media marketers, and advertisers that have been working with a range of local and international businesses, helping them adapt to and thrive in today’s business world, locally, nationally and internationally. We’re full of technical skills AND creative minds that combine to form the perfect sprinkling of magic your business needs to set its roots firmly in the local market so that, even in today’s less-than-ideal global economy, it can continue growing more than you ever thought possible -the sky’s the limit!

Learn more about what we do from our website or get in touch for a personalized chat about how we can help your business grow!