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Content marketing calls for blogging as an essential way to boost your SEO ranking on Google and other online search engines, but should your blogging strategy also include writing and accepting guest blogs? Once considered a controversial topic amongst marketing experts, the results are in and clearly show that yes, you should. Provided that you do it correctly. Guest blogging, both as a writer and a host, is a fantastic way to increase the breadth and depth of your online audiences as well as potentially boost social media reach, engagement, and more. It's also an ideal way to increase your

Covid-19 has had some far-reaching consequences on businesses around the world, but 2021 promises a fresh start if not an entirely clean slate. Business success in this economy doesn’t come without planning and organization though, especially when it comes to your marketing plan. Is your business ready? It’s never too late to take a hard look at your marketing strategy for this year, and here at Peppermint, we’re here to help. Our marketing experts can audit your current or proposed plans to offer expert advice unique to your specific company, product, audience, budget, and more, giving you the best chance of

2020 forever changed the way we work and live, so it goes without saying that this year, marketing strategies will need to be exceptionally adaptable and innovative to take into account these changes and meet the demands of local and global customers. As lockdown orders were announced early last year, they brought with it a near overnight push into the digital world, forcing marketing to take a massive leap forward in terms of innovation. This caused plenty of reactive marketing strategies (and stress!) to business owners and consumers alike, but it also set the stage for some unique marketing trends that,