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Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

Since the dawn of Facebook way back in 2004 alongside the evolution of smartphones, social media has slowly been working its way into our lives. Now racking up a total of over 3.4 billion users worldwide, it’s safe to say that this is a pretty huge industry! With an audience like that, it’s no surprise that businesses were soon jumping at the chance to market on it – and for good reason too. With global reach, in-depth analytics, and targeted ads, it’s revolutionised the way we advertise ourselves.


So, as we move into a new year – and decade – it’s only right we look ahead, taking a peep into the trends of social media marketing for 2020 so you can start planning your winning strategy.


A Change in Metrics

With Instagram and Facebook already testing the removal of ‘likes’ on their platforms, the way brands measure metrics and how well their marketing is doing is likely to shift, too. Even if likes don’t completely disappear, it’s a clear signal to businesses that they need to start looking beyond these numbers and go a little deeper. This is where conversations become more important. Rather than craving for more likes, look instead at the chats going on around your social media posts; this is where the real feedback is.


Creating Communities

Social media is about to get stripped-back to its basics as the focus on creating helpful, engaging communities grows. 2020 will bring an even bigger focus on interacting with your audience by responding to comments or starting the conversation by sharing or responding to their posts, and content should be more targeted towards your audience. This all comes as the increase in consumers buying more into a brand rather than a specific product or service grows, and creating a loyal community is vital to social media marketing success.


Stay Authentic

Influencer marketing is set to stick around in 2020, though the way we use it is changing. Using authentic content creators and influencers will become far more valuable to your brand than opting for easy power influencers, like Kim Kardashian. Though they may have more followers, you should be focusing on views instead, making sure they align with your own brand and picking influencers who seem like a natural fit for your image.


One of the incredible things about digital marketing and social media marketing is its ability to evolve at a second’s notice, and these 2020 trends are just a tiny example of how it’s constantly changing. If you need a team to stay ahead of the trends for you and create a social media marketing strategy that develops and adapts as the market does, get in touch with Peppermint today. We’re pretty obsessed with all things marketing, so we’ll love to get involved with yours!