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Google AdWords Certification

Important Changes to the Google Ads Certification

Keep up to Date!

In the evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies is crucial for success. Google Ads, one of the most popular and widely used advertising platforms, has recently introduced significant changes to its certification tests.

Until recently, Google offered certifications in various aspects of its advertising platform, including Google Ads Search, Display, Video, and Shopping. However, Google has now decided to change its certification structure and introduce a more unified and cheat-proof approach. The previous certifications have now been morphed into a single, comprehensive Google Ads certification. In this blog post, we’ll be explaining how the certification has changed and how you can navigate it with ease!

Changes Made in Google Ads Certification

Unified Certification: As we mentioned before, the individual certifications for different advertising types have been merged into a single, overarching Google Ads certification. This shift reflects the industry trend towards integrated digital advertising strategies, where a well-rounded understanding of different ad formats and their interaction is essential.

Google Ads Editor and Google Ads Mobile App: In the new certification, candidates are required to demonstrate their proficiency in using Google Ads Editor and the Google Ads Mobile App. These tools play a critical role in managing campaigns efficiently and effectively. The inclusion of these tools showcases Google’s commitment to ensuring that certified professionals are equipped to excel in their roles.

Expanded Assessment Format: The Google Ads certification tests now include a mix of multiple-choice and scenario-based questions. The scenario-based questions assess your ability to apply your knowledge in real-world situations, making the certification more practical and relevant, and less susceptible to cheating.

Assessment Requirements: Some, if not all users, will now be required to take the test via a webcam. A live proctor (from Honorlock) will now monitor your activity via your webcam and through screen-sharing software in order to detect any unauthorised behaviour. This new requirement is amongst a whole host of new rules and regulations designed to help weed out potential cheaters.

Why Do These Changes Matter?

Now that we’ve discussed the changes in the Google Ads certification, you might be wondering why these changes are so significant and why these skills are important for your online business. Let’s explain further.

Comprehensive Skillset: The consolidated certification better reflects the modern landscape of digital advertising, where advertisers often need to combine various ad formats to achieve their objectives. Google’s new approach ensures that certified professionals have a more comprehensive skillset.

Real-World Relevance: The inclusion of scenario-based questions in the certification test ensures that candidates can apply their knowledge to practical situations. This is invaluable in a field where real-world results are the ultimate measure of success.

Staying Competitive: Staying certified allows digital marketers to remain competitive in the job market. It demonstrates your commitment to staying up-to-date and your dedication to honing your skills.

Access to New Features: Being certified often means gaining early access to new Google Ads features and insights. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest tools and strategies in your campaigns.

Where does Peppermint come in?

To spare you the hassle of getting through the difficult certification process, Peppermint can help you navigate this with ease. We specialise in advertising, digitalisation, and marketing, offering a variety of services that can improve your business. Take a look through our website to find out how we can unburden you from the stress of Google Ads!

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, change is inevitable. Google’s recent changes to its Ads certification tests reflect the evolving nature of the field and the need for professionals to stay adaptable and well-rounded. Remember, learning is a journey, and staying certified is an essential step in that journey.

If you need assistance with marketing your business in Marbella, Spain or indeed anywhere across the globe, then get in touch! Elevate your business with our digital marketing expertise. Your success is our priority.