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Google Ads’ New Limited Ad Serving Policy

What You Need to Know

In the world of digital advertising, staying updated with the latest policies and changes is essential. Google Ads has recently introduced a new policy called Limited Ad Serving, and it’s designed to enhance ad clarity and reduce the risk of scams. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Limited Ad Serving is, why it matters, and how you can ensure your ads are not affected by this policy.

Understanding Limited Ad Serving

Limited Ad Serving is Google’s response to the need for greater transparency and clarity in online advertising. This policy aims to provide a safer and more reliable experience for both advertisers and users. In essence, Google wants to get to know you, the advertiser, better before allowing your ads to serve at full scale.

The Get-to-Know-You Period

During the initial phase of Limited Ad Serving, Google may limit the impressions for your ads. This period is crucial, as it allows Google to assess your trustworthiness as an advertiser. Google will prioritise implementing this policy when the relationship between an advertiser and the brand mentioned in their ad, is unclear.

Becoming a Qualified Advertiser

To avoid limitations due to this policy, you’ll want to become a qualified advertiser in Google’s eyes, but what does it take to achieve this status? Google considers several criteria:

User Feedback: Users can provide feedback on the ads they encounter. Those positive user experiences with your ads can work in your favour.

Advertising History: Advertisers with a track record of adhering to Google’s advertising policies are more likely to be considered qualified.

Advertiser Identity Verification: Completing Google’s Advertiser Identity Verification process is a significant step in building trust between users and advertisers.

Factors Considered for Qualification

Google uses different factors to determine whether an advertiser is qualified, including:

Working Towards Qualification

While Google assesses your account for qualification, you should continue building campaigns that stimulate positive user engagement, to help ensure strict compliance with Google’s advertising policies. If your account is eligible, consider initiating the advertiser verification process.

Timeframe for Limitations

Google doesn’t provide a specific timeframe for how long an advertiser account might be limited under this policy. They promise to continually review and update ad serving limits based on account behaviour, but the exact duration remains uncertain.

How to Identify Limited Ads

If your ads are being limited, you’ll receive an in-account notification. Google will limit ad impressions in specific scenarios, including unclear Brand Relationships and generic ads. Google aims to ensure that users can easily identify the advertisers they engage with. Ads that reference other brands or lack branding entirely may lead to user confusion. This can result from mentioning another brand’s name in response to a user’s search for that brand.

Ultimately, using a brand logo without affiliation and unbranded ads from third parties in response to specific brand-related searches can also lead to your advertising getting limited.

Navigating Google Ads & Other Services with Peppermint

Google’s Limited Ad Serving policy is a step toward a more transparent and user-friendly advertising environment.

Here at Peppermint, we’ll help and ensure that your business’ ads are following Google’s criteria and adhering to policies regarding quality advertisement. Our team are constantly monitoring Google’s policy changes and algorithm updates to help you and your business stay on top of your game!

Whether you’re looking to dip your toe into Google Ads for the first time, or if you’re looking to fine-tune your existing ads setup, Peppermint will help you to ensure that it’s performing at its best!

Get in touch with our team to find out more