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Building a Better Real Estate Website

Despite the fear (and perhaps anticipation) otherwise, property sales are on the rise here on the Costa del Sol this year, which means the real estate market is one of the best industries to invest in, especially in 2021 and 2022 as sales figures -in both number of homes sold and the price they sell for, continue to climb upwards. Critical to this success, though, is that whether you have a large, small, local, regional, or even international real estate business, if you’re going to take full advantage of this upward trend in the real estate market, you absolutely need to embrace digital; which means not just having a website for your real estate business, but having a better one than the ever-increasing competition.


Designing a Great Real Estate Website

The real estate market is booming in Spain, particularly on the Costa del Sol, which means real estate website design is a critical factor in not only getting your business (and your properties) seen and driving sales of new build and pre-owned long-term and holiday homes. Stiff competition means it’s well worth the investment to make your real estate website stand out from the crowd, but how? Well, if you ask the marketing and web design teams at Peppermint digital marketing agency, you should really pay close attention to these five elements when designing your real estate website:

  • Use only quality imagery (and don’t be afraid to get creative with it!): Attractive homes sell more easily and at a higher price, so quality photography is an absolute must. High quality photos are the bare minimum, but if you have the budget for it, professional staging and photography can take your homes and the quality of your website to the next level. The latest and greatest trend in real estate website design also includes video tours or interactive 360-degree virtual tours which, when done correctly, can be a real asset to overseas buyers, especially relevant in Marbella, Estepona, and the rest of the Costa del Sol.
  • Pick an appropriate colour scheme: Although very much a personal choice, keeping your customers in mind when choosing a colour scheme for your real estate website will always be beneficial. Your brand may dictate some colour ideas, but remember too that softer shades and cooler colour palettes tend to put visitors at ease, which ultimately increases their likelihood to contact your realtors and buy from your company.
  • Choose your layout wisely: Like your colour scheme, layout on your real estate website should always put the customer’s needs first. Shopping for a home is often a stressful and overwhelming process, so opting for a simple, uncluttered layout is highly recommended. Plenty of search options, unobtrusive sales tactics, and easy-to-follow buyer guides are other great ways to make your website visitors feel warm, welcomed, and relaxed -something that will always bode well for your bottom line.
  • Humanize your digital assets: Numbers and statistics have their place within a real estate website, but that place is behind a human face. The emotional connection your clients have with their next home is one of the most important elements of home sales and that is efficiently accomplished with lots of human touches on your real estate website. Think: friendly realtor photos and biographies, home photos depicting people living in them, live chat options, blogs written in a conversational tone, and testimonials that showcase the incredible relationship you have with your buyers, all humanize the buying experience and make it easier for your clients to choose to make their purchase -quite possibly the largest purchase of their lives, with you instead of with someone else.
  • Market the lifestyle, not just the home: A house is just a house, but the life you can live in it is what makes it a home. Make sure you show your clients you understand that by introducing them to not just the features of the homes you offer, but to the lifestyle they can live there. Feature your homes’ neighbourhoods, schools, restaurants, and local activities and events in the same way you feature the homes themself: photos, videos, testimonials… when your client can picture themself living there, that’s when they’ll be ready to buy.


Building the Best Real Estate Website

Even with the above advice in mind, there’s a lot of room for personalization when it comes to building your real estate website -and that’s a good thing! Your website should be completely unique, entirely personal, and very, very memorable. That’s where the branding, marketing, and website design professionals at Peppermint can really help you shine! Our design teams can audit your current website to make and implement suggestions that add measurable value to your real estate business or, if you’re an up-and-coming real estate company in Estepona, Marbella, or elsewhere on the Costa del Sol, Spain, or even abroad, our expert digital marketing teams can work with you to design and build a brand new website that sets you apart and gets you seen! As a web design agency with plenty of experience in the real estate market, Peppermint is well-versed in building incredible real estate websites integrated with real estate management software such as OpenBroker, Resales Online and Inmoba that attract and retain both sellers and buyers. We offer basic websites and bespoke designed websites that can also be integrated with CRM systems such as HubSpot and Zoho so your real estate website is always exactly what you and your target market are looking for when they go house hunting online.


Basic websites start from just 500.00€! which are ideal for those who want to start up their own real estate business or small businesses who are simply looking for a refresh!

Contact Peppermint today for more information or a personalised real estate website design proposal tailored to your business’s exact wants and