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Go ahead, type your business name into a Google search. What results does it come up with? How about if you type your business’ products or services? Did you have to scroll down the page to find yourself? Were you even on the first page at all? Now do the same on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or any other social media platform of your choice. Was it easy to find your business? Do you think your customers would agree? Getting to the top of Google’s search pages (and any social media page that your business uses) is the highest goal of

A Brief Introduction to Google Ad Extensions When it comes taking your business online, there is little question that appearing in Google searches is one of the very best ways to increase brand awareness and bring in more customers. With an entire world of businesses online and an estimated 70,000 Google searches performed *per second*, the real trick when it comes to your digital presence, is knowing how to be seen.   Google Ads While using search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to generate new, exciting and relevant information on your website is a great way to increase organic click rates to your site, another