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You know you need to be on social media but it worries you. You’re used to using social media, especially Facebook, for sharing your holiday photos, wishing friends a Happy Birthday or sharing a comic video that cracked you up first thing this morning. Surely that can’t be the way to promote your business? Won’t people think you’re unprofessional? At Peppermint we understand the difference between personal and professional use of social media and why having professionals handle it for you can be a lifesaver as well as a business grower. A Facebook waste of time? You may also know that when

A few months back the Peppermint team were at a social media and SEO workshop where a trainer predicted that Facebook would try to encourage bloggers to use Facebook Notes as the platform for blog posts. She proposed that the reappearance of Notes in a more prominent location on the page suggested this to her. In August 2015 the ‘technocrati’ press was suddenly awash with articles on the topic of Facebook Notes and blogging, and even the some of the mainstream news media got in on telling the story. Facebook Notes have actually been around for some time, but as every