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Social media for business and why you should give your Facebook page to Peppermint

You know you need to be on social media but it worries you. You’re used to using social media, especially Facebook, for sharing your holiday photos, wishing friends a Happy Birthday or sharing a comic video that cracked you up first thing this morning. Surely that can’t be the way to promote your business? Won’t people think you’re unprofessional? At Peppermint we understand the difference between personal and professional use of social media and why having professionals handle it for you can be a lifesaver as well as a business grower.

A Facebook waste of time?

You may also know that when you get on Facebook or Instagram, or whichever social media channel you prefer, you disappear down some kind of time tunnel where the 15 minutes you thought you’d spend on posting an update, turns into 45 minutes and sometimes more. Peppermint can save time for you, so that when you do go on social media you can focus on friends and family while we take care of your business.

You see, when we manage your Facebook page, we aren’t tempted by any of the following behaviours:

• We won’t search for your old school classmate just to see if they want to be your friend – unless of course you happen to mention you went to school with a leading light in your business sector who could help your company grow.

• We’re not bothered about your friend’s status updates or their holiday snaps.

• We won’t check out your favourite sport’s team news, or a band fanpage.

• We won’t check out what any of your ‘exes’ are doing either.

Social media burnout

When a business owner manages their social media they are in danger of being on it 24/7 and that reduces your productivity in every way. As Tor Refsland, a leading social media expert says, you need to disconnect or face the following issues:

• You’ll never completely relax and refresh

• Your mobile phone is constantly pinging with push notices of updates

• You’re exhausted trying to respond to them all within 5 minutes

• You start sleeping badly because you worry about missing a critical update.

Peppermint can handle this for you. When you work with social media regularly, you know that you will miss a status update at 4am, and you also know that it isn’t a life or death event. It is something to be responded to during business hours.

Stop multitasking and have a social life

In the 1980s everyone was encouraged to multitask. It was a good thing to try to juggle all the balls at once until we discovered it created stress. The article Stop multitasking – it’s bad for your health! explains that it can also knock 10 points off your IQ and slows you down. Social media has a way of encouraging you to multitask, and in a very unsocial way: you’ve probably been out for dinner or a drink with the person who keeps checking their phone every few minutes for updates, or who insists on posting a picture of dinner while you just get on with enjoying the meal. When you give your social media account to professionals you can get on with enjoying your social life.

Social media strategy

We know how to make a plan that can be executed in a time-efficient manner. Peppermint will focus on creating the right messaging strategy for your business, which will be a combination of posts about your company’s specific activities, useful tips for your customers such as local events, the weather or travel disruptions, and then we will add in a dose of humour, because everyone wants to be entertained. And when you make your customers laugh, you’re more likely to sell them more of your product. And when Peppermint grows your business through social media, we all smile!

If you need a blog or a new Facebook page for your business, please contact Jade Thompson at Peppermint Spain on +34 951 316 553 or mail: info@peppermintcreate.com