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What Does Infinite Scroll Mean for AdWord Users?

Google has announced that search results pages will no longer be well, pages. Instead, it will now be an infinite scroll or, in other words, one endless page of search results. If you pay for top-of-page ad space from Google that’s not a major issue but what about for bottom-of-page advertising space when there is no longer a bottom of the page?

Google has a solution for that. In short, they’re redistributing ads throughout the endless scroll page, so top-of-page ads will stay at the top of the page and bottom-of-page ads will appear periodically through a user’s scrolling. Local ads and Shopping ads’ positioning won’t change in this switch-over.

This does mean that when users search for a specific term, phrase, or question on Google, it’s possible that duplicate ads will appear within the search results page, important to consider when purchasing Google Ads. But, as Google points out, this was always a possibility even before the changes took place. Just like before, the Google Ads system still uses AdRank to determine how often your ad will appear in search results. So no significant change there. What may change however, is how your Google Analytics is reported. Expect to see more mobile impressions, mostly from top-of-page ads and fewer from bottom-of-page ads. You can also expect to see a lower click-through rate on search ads, shopping ads and local ads, especially if you don’t make any changes to the way these are reported to you (to get a more accurate reflection of how effective your Google Ads are doing after this change, we recommend keeping a close eye on your prominence metrics and dividing your performance data by “Top vs. Other”).

Another important thing to consider is that, for the time being, this change to Google Ads has only happened to US-based Google queries in English. But more importantly, it will be rolling out across other countries and other languages throughout 2022. That means that now is the ideal time to re-evaluate your Google Ads strategy so that you can take full advantage of this user improvement and optimizing your campaigns so that they work to your business’s advantage.

If you’re not sure how, Peppermint can help. We are a leading digital marketing agency based in Marbella with years of experience in this field. Our strategy and planning expertise across a range of industries means we know the best ways to get your business seen online, no matter what changes Google rolls out. We’ve been running successful Google Ad campaigns for companies in Marbella, Spain and beyond, that increase their presence and their bottom line with fresh, creative and thoroughly researched strategies that get the results they’re looking for, all without unnecessary fuss or over-the-top budgets. Let us do the same for you. We’ll take a look at what you do now and chat about where you want to be before we work our magic and help you find a way to get there!

Now is the best time to get ahead of the curve and your marketing campaign on track for the new year so you can watch your profits climb higher and higher in 2022 and beyond.

Contact the digital marketing experts at Peppermint Create today to make it happen!