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It isn’t easy to get a new business venture off the ground unless you have access to stacks of cash, or you’ve found a major investor, or, even less likely these days, you’ve discovered a bank that is still lending to small business start-ups. However, there is a new way of finding that seed money and it is through starting a crowdfunder campaign. There are a few crowdfunder providers online, and one of the best known is Kickstarter. When Peppermint went to the website it was interesting to note that the first message we received was that it now has projects

Did you know that a beauty salon can reach 6,000 English-speaking women who live in Marbella and Estepona and want a manicure for only 8€ on a Facebook business page? And, here’s something to think about: of a global population of 7.2 billion, over 3 billion are Internet users and more than 2 billion have social media accounts. You may not be a fan of Facebook, but 92% of marketers use it for advertising. These may be global figures, but you can bet that your local competition is using digital marketing, so you need to be there, too! More than ever,

It isn’t so many years ago that getting online in Spain was a challenge. That has changed, and there is WiFi everywhere, plus fibre optic broadband is expanding, and you can get 4G if you want. Now, according to a recent article from eMarketer, Spain’s online consumers are growing in number quite rapidly thanks to this boom in internet access. The latest data shows that the number of digital buyers aged 14 and over is expected to rise by 7.9% in Spain by the end of 2015. This represents a reach of around 17.5 million people, or 60% of Spain’s internet