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Shocase – A New Social Media Network

Just when you may have thought that there were sufficient social media networks, and you have managed to conquer Pinterest and Instagram as well as learnt how to use Periscope and Meerkat for your marketing strategy, a new one appears. If, like Peppermint, you’re in marketing, then this one is just for you. Basically, the world’s 100 million+ marketers are Shocase’s target audience. Forbes and Newscred only announced it in early June, so it really is a new tool!

What will Shocase give marketers?
According to Shocase founder and CEO Ron Young, the platform has been set up to provide a place where marketing and design agencies like Peppermint can ‘showcase’ their work, learn all about the latest industry news and network with other professionals. It sounds rather like LinkedIn, doesn’t it? Except, of course, that it’s just for marketers and LinkedIn casts its net very much wider.

Peppermint heard that a number of large ad agencies and client-side marketing departments were already members, so we headed over to the website and duly signed up to investigate the offering. And yes, JWT, BBDO and Leo Burnett were there, plus Coca-Cola, Apple and Walt Disney. We almost expected Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to appear on its “Good Company” list, but our dream of networking with Don Draper and the other Mad Men was just a fantasy.

Shocase does, however, give you access to some stellar marketing professionals. Take the About tour and find yourself perusing the portfolios of Creative Directors from legendary advertising agencies, plus photographers and award winners in all marketing disciplines. Many of these may be in Madison Avenue offices, but Marbella and Peppermint marketing and Design Agency can hold its own!

More specialised networks
Gartner, which is a leader in market analysis, suggests that Shocase is totally ‘on trend’ and that we can expect to see more specialised platforms emerge. For example, Jake Sorofman of Gartner was quoted in Forbes magazine as saying “there’s a role for domain-specific professional communities, but largely as a complement to LinkedIn.” So, you still need LinkedIn.

A digital portfolio
Shocase is certainly an excellent place to impress fellow marketing and advertising professionals with your work, and from that perspective, it may have greater appeal for freelancers. However, judging by the number of high-powered individuals who are currently members, it appeals to those who are salaried. It is open to students and is a useful tool for putting work in front of possible employers.

It is early days yet, and although Shocase claims that is showing strong growth, only time will tell if it has the legs to become a networking hub for marketers.

You don’t have to visit Shocase to see the Peppermint portfolio for print, press, corporate, web design and more. Contact Jade Thompson at Peppermint Full Service Marketing and Design Agency for a chat about the services we offer.
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