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Is Yahoo search coming back?

Just a few days ago, Yahoo Search cryptically tweeted a very bold statement alluding to a potential big announcement regarding web search:

The official Yahoo Search account reminded everyone: “Just popping in to remind everyone that we did search before it was cool. BRB making it cool again.”

Naturally, this prompted the internet (mostly Twitter) to speculate whether Yahoo was indeed making its big comeback after all these years, or if it was just the work of a cheeky social media manager. But one thing is for sure: it’s gotten a lot of us feeling very nostalgic.

The closure of Yahoo Directory

Unfortunately, Yahoo’s struggle and inevitable downfall has been well documented over the years, announcing closure after closure across many of its services. Perhaps the most disappointing of which was the company’s shut down of the early internet classic, Yahoo Directory, a popular search service that listed search results by category, rather than keywords like Google. In all, a total of more than 60 products have been cut from Yahoo’s offering in almost a decade, which doesn’t exactly give us great hope of a comeback.

Yahoo became too comfortable

It could be said that poor decisions were what caused Yahoo to meet its demise, with the company missing out on countless opportunities to expand and acquire when they were at their most powerful. Perhaps unbelievably, Yahoo was offered the opportunity to acquire Google twice during their reign as the top search engine – but both times they declined, missing out on a product that is now worth an eye-watering $1148 billion.

Whether Yahoo Search decides to plot the greatest comeback of all time, or merely indulge in a touch of clickbait is up for debate, but with Google enjoying an incredible 91% share of the total search engine market in terms of search volume, is it time that Yahoo announced its comeback to add something different to the market? We’d love to see it!