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Brand Importance

Branding is one of the most important marketing tools used by businesses to distinguish themselves from competitors on the market. The concept has come a long way from when farmers initiated the idea, burning a mark on to their animals for identification purposes. Nowadays there are hundreds of unforgettable brands such as McDonalds, Coca Cola and Apple that are instantly recognised across the world. And it’s not just about your logo – branding encompasses every element you use to represent your company, from your mission statement to your colour scheme.

Despite its importance, many companies still struggle with branding. First impressions are vital – studies have shown that we make up our minds within seconds of viewing a brand for the first time, whether it is on the supermarket shelf or a website on our computer screen. Your brand has to work for you, and quickly! A new customer looking at your brand for the first time has be interested or reassured enough to want to pursue his investigations further. If he looks at your brand and perceives a high quality product or trustworthy company offering value for money then your brand is working – as long as that’s what you want him to think! On the other hand, if your brand fails to inspire confidence or worse, is completely forgettable, then it’s time for a rethink.

Even the biggest companies update their branding from time to time and it’s never a bad idea to review your look and assess how well it is working for you. Consider the mission of your company as well as the demographics of your customer to help create a brand that inspires loyalty and understanding. It may help to reconsider where your company is situated in today’s ever changing market and take a look at what your competitors are doing. Are their brands stronger or weaker than yours? Perhaps ask friends and family to join in the discussion or hire a focus group for a more objective opinion to discover whether your existing brand really promotes how your company acts and feels.

Should you decide that a facelift is required, invite your employees to play their part in developing your brand for the future. Explain to them the importance of consistency in promoting the company’s vision and mission statement both internally and externally, to ensure that everyone promotes the same clear and concise message highlighting your heritage, culture and objectives as a business.