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Big brand’s CM strategy

Best Practice in Content Marketing

One way to learn how to do something well is by looking at how those who are already successful are doing it. The same is true of content marketing in 2017 and at Peppermint Spain, which is a marketing and advertising agency dedicated to bringing dynamic, creative solutions to businesses in Marbella and all over the Costa del Sol, we’ve been studying how the big brands are putting best practice into their content marketing. The same rules apply to both B2B and B2C brands

Give the consumer value

These days, people seek out content from brands to be educated, inspired, informed, or entertained. That means providing value at every interaction. From a marketing agency perspective, this means that we must be focused on the target market and what they want – not what we’d like them to want.

Don’t self-promote too much

Consumers and clients will no longer tolerate being constantly “sold to”, so make sure your content marketing isn’t too self-promotional. Focus more on informing and entertaining, and sharing content that adds some value to the audiences’ lives without asking anything from them in return if you want to win hearts and minds. For example, U.S. Whole Foods Market has around 2 million followers on Instagram and its content only rarely ask people to shop in its stores. Instead, it just shows stunning images of food and provides handy recipes in the hope people will buy the ingredients from them. And they do!

Create content just for your audience

It is better to define your target audience and speak directly to them rather than hope that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will bring you in more customers. As marketing expert Heather Eng has pointed out: “Rather than trying to rack up page views and impressions, we need to ensure that our content is resonating with the people who will eventually become customers.” She provides Lucky Peach magazine and website as an example. These publications provide information about the Momofuku restaurant group, which is a favourite with “young, affluent, mostly city-dwelling people who are passionate about cooking, eating out, traveling, and trying different cuisines.“ The magazine has a relatively small circulation and the website statistics aren’t massive, but Lucky Peach readers are highly engaged because the content is exactly what they want to read.

These are the most important of the content marketing strategies that successful brands are using, and they are not difficult to put into practice with help from Peppermint Spain’s creative team.

Come and have a no obligations chat with us about how Peppermint Spain can help your business and brand with a content marketing strategy. Mail jade@peppermintcreate.com or call on +34 951 316 553.